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First Cycle Test E Advice


So here's my story so far

First cycle: Test E 300mg twice a week. I've just done my first jab if week 5. I increased my calories big time from the word go.

So far I've gained about 12kg (could be due to calorie increase?) I've had a lot of bloat which came on in week 3 and I had tingly nipples for most of week 4. I started taking Arimidex which fixed the nipples but I'm still bloated but not quite as bad.

My strengths increasing (but I'm in a linear strength programme so I was expecting to keep increasing)

But I'm still yet to see the gains in size and muscle that I think everyone hopes for when they get on gear. I want to feel like I'm "on" if that makes sense. I'm certainly bigger but I just put that down to the bloat and increase in calories.

Am I being impatient? When did you all start to really feel/see that you were on gear? I'm starting to get the paranoia that my test isn't legit but I'm probably being stupid.

Does anyone know if you can ring your doctor in the UK and get your bloods done?



It's likely that most of that weight you put on is water bloat because of your refusal to run an AI, but we've had that conversation so no need to flog that dead horse any further.

Your test is definitely legit seeing as you had water retention and sensitive nipples.

Honestly, I'm not sure what you want to get out of this thread? Your test is clearly working, so if you've not added any muscle then either your diet or training sucks - probably both.

I have the worst genetics imaginable for building muscle, and a pretty poor response to steroids (I know, right? Sucks to be me) and I had gained 8lbs when all was said and done (after PCT, etc) after my first cycle of about 400mg test. Realistically, with the dose you're running (and assuming your genetics aren't even worse than mine) I would expect a gain of AT LEAST the same as what I managed after your cycle was over.

I think you have unrealistic expectations of what steroids can do. As for bloodwork - good luck. Some doctors will; most won't.

If you want to post up your diet and routine I'll be happy to help you out.


yogi is on point here. it sounds like you are looking for the “look at me im clearly on steroids look”. even on it, it takes time bud. just keep at it. eat then eat some more. train then train harder. no magic bud just time and hard work.