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First Cycle Test E / Adex / Nolva

Hey gang, been browsing the forum religiously over the last couple of months + have been reading articles off the website for years now so hello :slight_smile:

in short, I’m hoping to do the following first cycle

Test E 400mg (200 Mon & 200 thurs) - weeks 1 - 12

Adex - on hand

PCT (about 2.5 weeks after last pin)

Nolva 40/40/20/10 - weeks 14-18

I know this is a topic discussed over & over again but yet here we are.

I’m 30, 88.5kg, 179cm, about 19% bf (had one of those scan things done a little while ago), Diet high protein Low carb with a 8/16 On/Off IF period (helped me lose 7 kg over the last 2 months including a rebound of like 3 kg over the xmas period lol) just doing this as an experience more than anything, I want to start the cycle when I’ve dropped down to 85kg & hopefully bodyfat should be down to around 17/18%

High Cholesterol / high Triglycerides is hereditary but the IF + high fibre / no sugar should help drop that, otherwise “generally” healthy… will do full bloods before I start anyway

I want to start Adex at week 3 with .25 e3d & increase dosage if needed but starting early hoping to avoid any issues instead of fighting to resolve them, I think my over 15% body fat might have me more vulnerable to sides & not going too overboard with it to the point that I’m wiping before shitting so to speak & causing Estro crashes EDIT have decided not to run it for no reason, have decided to simply keep it on hand, but will use nolva at low doses if I show gyno during the cycle

I have already mentally prepped my second cycle in my head based on how this one goes my next one will be the 600mg test E 12 weeks + Dbol 5 weeks + HCG 14weeks throughout but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Let me know your thoughts guys :slight_smile: thanks

I’d use HCG for this cycle too. It helps your natural testosterone still produce and will help recovery. I know some say it’s not needed but you spend all this on a cycle why not an extra couple bucks to protect your nuts.

Also that’s a good start cycle. Don’t go mixing stuff in till you see how it works for you. Everyone reacts differently. My first was TestE250 e3d then i am using TestE400 e3d for my second cycle.

Don’t jump off the diving board onto the deep end right away. Learn to swim first. Take it slow.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the response bro!

Thought about HCG for this cycle too but really wanted to keep it as simple as possible for the first cycle & having read mixed reviews on HCG at this sort of dosage I thought I could give it a miss, definitely not about the money, I’ve waited this long to do a cycle I’m not going to sacrifice gain / my health for the sake of money

I mix the 5000 HCG with 10mL of bactowater. Then use 0.5mL e3d for the whole cycle. Same days as the Test.

My personal opinion is people should stop assuming adex dosages and when to implement them. Why week 3? Because your blood will be starting to peak is what youl tell me… But your running 500mg there is a chance you will never need adex but you won’t know that because you started running it anyways. See what I mean?

With that being said week 3 is a better time than right away I think to run adex if your gonna do it regardless. And 0.25 is a reasonable dose to start with so I don’t think your gonna hurt anything. But I’d suggest with that test dose just seeing how you feel and if you notice high E like water retention /BP/emotional than implement it.

yeah very valid point about using it if I may not need it at all… My reasoning for that was becuase I feel based on other peoples experiences & research shows that my condition coming into the cycle would leave me more prone to sides (higher bf etc) if I was sitting on a comfortable 10-12% and truly “ready” for a cycle then i wouldn’t bother with an AI until I showed signs… I think at this rate I’m just assuming I’ll have sides…

I’m not really a “wait till its fucked to fix it” type guy, so I’d rather avoid the problem as opposed to trying to resolve it…

what if I just started at .125 E3d instead? then increase accordingly if neccessary?

My response would still be the same. Altho I understand the mind set of feeling more comfortable using it and I don’t think at that dose you will hurt anything as far as tanking your E2 so if it give you peace of mind why not?

Also 19%body fat isn’t great but it’s not horrible either iv read people’s logs who have had much higher 22-24% and haven’t had serious issues

Just listen to your body but keep in mind the first 4 weeks can be a roller coaster in general because your introducing a lot of exogenous hormones so don’t get paranoid and go crazy with the adex or you will regret it. By week 4-5 you should have leveled out and be better able to tell exactly where the side effects are coming from

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Thanks mate appreciate your help, I’m just going to hold the Adex on hand then & wait to see if I show sides, I’m already down to 87.5kg so hopefully should be a clean 85 soon & ready to start

anyone else have any feedback for me?


I am currently running this exact cycle… I have adex and Nolva on hand… this is also my first cycle… at about week 7 I started noticing bloating and puffy nipples no I started Nolva at 10mg eod… it killed the sides and a week later it came back… I was informed from a buddy that the gear I have might be from a trash source so I got some new gear and lowered the dose down to 150ml e3d and hcg 250 ng or whatever it’s measured in day before test. I highly recommend the hcg as it instantly boosted my sex drive and nuts came back in full force! The gyno went away but am still currently running 20mg Nolva ed and feel great. Planning on starting adex for rest of cycle and saving the Nolva for pct along with the hcg. Hope this helps… I would start at a lower dose if I were you. 500 was too much for my body to handle

thanks mate, I am currently trying to source some HCG, hoping to start cycle by end of May what about in terms of gains so far during the cycle?

Everyone’s gains will obviously be different considering diet and exercise… I have been lifting for around 15 years, I am 30 now. I plateaud years back around 200lbs and am 6’0. I would say I’m around 12% bf. I started the cycle at 500mg a week test e and my
Body couldn’t handle it. Severe heart burn and anxiety for days. I cut the dose in half and never looked back… weighed my self today and am 211. My strength and vasculinity Is through the roof. Do your self a favor and don’t put ur body through the rollercoaster I went through. I highly recommend 250mg a week test e e3d. And be patient!! It took me 4 weeks before I felt anything. I’m still battling keeping my estrogen levels in check because of the spike of test I shocked my body with. Be patient,let the drug kick in and have Nolva and adex on hand… i started hcg at about week 5 because my sex drive was non existent… it sure helps but it also raises ur test levels so just keep that in mind… I would love to help anyway possible. Learn from my mistakes.


i’m confused dude, you said 250mg a week but then you said e3d which makes it essentialy 500mg a week?

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Very interesting

I didn’t get such strength and energy boost (ofc still got some) but my sex drive skyrocketed

2 opposite reaction to testesterone

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I am taking a total of 250mg a week… I am using test e 250. I am injecting .5 cc on Saturday and wednesaday mornings. Sorry for the confusion…

I am also injecting 250iu of hcg SC on Tuesday and Friday mornings… when I felt gyno sides I started Nolva at 10mg a day for 3 days. Second time it came back I started at 20 mg a day and have been doing it for 4 days no and all gyno sides are gone. I will run Nolva at 20mg for another two days just to make sure it is gone. I have 4 weeks left on cycle and will run adex next time if it comes back. Hope this helps

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hey guys, probably starting this in the next 2 weeks, have decided not to run ADEX from week 3 as originally planned & will only run if needed; at this stage I’m leaning more towards running nolva instead of Adex during cycle if I show signs of gyno etc

have also decided to drop the dosage from 500 a week to 400 as it is my first cycle & would rather ease into things, I’ve waited 30 years so might as well take it slow lol

so in short it’ll look like this:

Test E - 200mg Mon / 200mg Thur - Weeks 1-12

Nolva - 40/40/20/10 - weeks 14-18

hey guys am starting this in 8 days time, will be getting bloods this week.

Don’t have Adex on hand, have Letrozole instead though
have Nolva + clomid aswell


I’ve mostly read if you are gonna ever run AI then starting week 6 is probably the most ideal, right? Or when you feel symptoms, but symptoms usually wouldn’t appear until around that week anyways, or am I wrong?

Also, how common is low estrogen on a cycle like this? Is that even possible?

I think the starting an AI on week 4-6 is partially bro science.I’m not saying it’s bad bro science I understand the logic behind it but realistically your going to start aromoatizng immediately.

The reason I personally suggest waiting to week 4-6 (here I said week 3 because that’s when he was going to start) has absolutely nothing to do with the reason a lot of other people do. Thier reason is that’s when your E2 will be peaking.

My reason is if you can get thru to week 6 your body should have already regulated the increased testosterone/E2 ratio and a lot of the sides you might have experienced in the first few weeks will start to subside.

Im just not a fan of AIs for test only cycles at relatively low or moderate doses my opinion is they have thier place in trt and when using other compounds that may require or benefit from controlling estrogen. But on these 500mg/week cycles I think they cause more issues then they solve and can actually seriously hinder gains building muscle with a low E2 is going to be much more difficult.

As far as low estrogen it’s not common unless you start fucking around with adex or other AIs.

hey guys thanks for the responses, I’ve already decided not to run the Arimidex (well actually Letro since I couldn’t get Arimidex) until I actually need it :slight_smile:

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