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First Cycle, Test E 500mg/wk. AI Needed During Cycle?

My first cycle and still haven’t decided to take an AI. I have Armidex 1mg on deck but haven’t touched it. I am concerned about gyno and would rather prevent than treat later on.

I was thinking .5 or .25mg on the days of my shot 250mg/2x wk. Would that hinder or cause me any problems? Does anyone do this? I keep reading mixed opinions all over the internet and can’t make up my mind.

Thanks for your advice.

No… No

What’s with people wanting to jump on extra drugs without an issue arising first? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Testosterone and estrogen is best maintained within ratio for optimal sense of health and wellbeing (although health can’t exactly be optimal on 500mg test anyway), when testosterone increases, conversion to estrogen increases and so does 5a reduction to DHT, this is what I assume to be the bodies way of maintaining balance, hence why guys with high T and low DHT tend to feel shitty, or high T and low E, high E and low T etc. To expect estrogen to be normal while testosterone is 3x the top of the ref range is absurd, unless you get Gyno (unlikely) you don’t need anything that interferes with aromatase.

Secondly, aromatase inhibitors are nasty drugs, the side effects of aromatase inhibitors themselves can be shitty, and the side effects of tanked estrogen (which is very easy to do, many people on AI’s tank their estrogen) are in the short term, joint pain, low libido, irritability, fatigue and long term can be more sinister like increased atherosclerotic plaque build up (estrogen is important for processing of cholesterol), low bone density, therefore increased risk of fractures and osteoporosis (although using AAS should drastically lower the risk of osteoporosis/low BMD lol), increased risk of generalised injury and more I’m just tired and don’t want to keep typing). When used with androgens, even if you don’t crash Ur estrogen, using an AI even at a low dose with anabolic steroids tends to drastically increase the negative effects on the lipid profile caused by androgens, this is in part from the aromatase inhibitor itself and part (what I believe) to be some sort of synergistic effect, a conspiracy to trash lipid profiles lol. I’m not recommending drugs but if you’re that scared… Get a serm, serms can have negative effects too, esp Clomid, but it sure as shit beats taking an AI anyday

I was against (with regards to myself) me taking an AI from day 1 as I knew they were nasty drugs, but I used to think others needed them and therefore I was fine with that, it wasn’t until physiolojik posted on AI’s that I rethought about it and realised about 99%+ of dudes using AI’s have no business using them and are simply causing harm to themselves.

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Thanks for the great reply. I have clomid on hand for PCT. Armidex and Letro for emergency since this is my first and have no idea if gyno is gonna occur. Probably won’t but wanted to be prepared. I’ll just let them collect dust unless I need them.

I’m not an AI fan either. I’ve seen too many on here having major issues using them.

Only time I’ve ever used A-dex was during my first cycle and my nipples got pretty sensitive. Even then I only used .5mg twice a week for a week or so until the nipple thing went away.

Agree if it pops up use it but I wouldn’t cycle all the way through with it. I keep some on hand but if I don’t need it great if I do I use it and consecutively my cycle are usually 12 weeks plus

I’m gonna start calling you BabyDoc or BabyPhysio :joy:

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Thankyou for the post this is one of the more thoughtful takes I have seen and as someone just starting out it’s great to hear. I’ve ordered some armidex just incase I need it but I’m not going to take it until then. Thank you so much

Hi! You sound like you really know what your talking about! …
And I hope you don’t mind giving me some advice would be very appreciated!
So a couple of years ago I started the gym with a mate who was using test e, he was in great shape so stupidly I wanted it just taking his advice! I didn’t 500mg a week 1 injection a week for 4 month!! Untill I felt so shit at this time I knew nothing about (serms) (ai)s I came of test with no pct and now I have gyno absolute pain in the arse my fault I’ve excepted it .
So now I’ve started a cycle at 500mg 2 injections a week I have tamoxifen running at 20mg eod and arimidex on hand. Should I take arimidex during cycle or just keep it incase I get symptoms!? I’m taking tamoxifen during cycle because I’m a gyno prime infact I have gyno! Any help is very appreciated all Cristism welcome :pray: