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First Cycle: Test-E 500mg/Week

Hello T-Nation I’m new to this forum and had a few questions. I started my first ever steroid cycle consisting of Test-E @ 500mg containing bi-weekly injections plus 50mg proviron ED which started on 9/3/12(I’m 3.5 weeks into the cycle).I have a few questions and would appreciate some feedback. My stats before the cycle are as followed:

Age: 28
Height 5’10"
Weight:176 lbs
Training for 3 years consistently. Before that on and off for 3 years(I was concentrating on fat loss more than bodybuilding,before the last 3 years).

Cycle is as followed:
Wk 1-12:Testosterone Enanthate 500 mg/wk (250mg/Monday,250mg/Thursday)
Wk 1-12: Proviron 50 mg ED

PCT: I’ll be using a test taper/nolvadex but haven’t figured out dosages of both.

~Diet consists of 3000-4000 cals/day containing 210 + grams protein, 500 + grams carbs, fats vary.

-As you can tell, I haven’t really been keeping up with nutrition 100% as I should during this cycle because I’ve never went too in depth in the last 3 years to begin with,even though I put on 25+lbs of LBM in the last 3 years. I usually concentrate on getting enough calories/protein in the day when I’m “lean bulking”. But any pointers will help a lot.

  1. I have yet to inject into the glutes region because its hard for me to reach that far and I have no one else around to do it(I’ve been doing it in outer quads/delts). Am I missing out on the test filtering 100% in the bloodstream?

2.As of 10/6/12 I’m up 13 lbs but 11 lbs is water bloat for sure because I gained that 11 lbs all in the first week!( I’ve never realized how much of water bloat would appear from testosterone compared to a PH cycle I did back in late 2010. And its very noticeable on face).Is this low weight gain of 2 lbs LBM normal 2.5 weeks into a Test cycle?( I do appear to be a little leaner). My strength gains have gone up a lot. Many times I’ve had this aggression of lifting heavier weight than the previous workout. That being said strengths are going up mildly fast(is that even a phrase?)

-I have Nolvadex on hand as needed. I’ve already had to use it a couple times due to sore nipples/ring forming around nipples.

-Any help/feedback/pointers etc. would help out a lot guys!

  1. Quads are fine to shoot, for me that’s the easiest spot

  2. I would get an AI to run that will help with the bloat and the sore nipps

BUDs I find quads easier to shoot as well, even though it can be somewhat sensitive in that area. I’ll buy an AI A.S.A.P. Does all of the bloat weight go away once on an AI?

I forgot to post my training schedule.

I work out each body part 2 days a week totaling 12-14 work sets per body part.

Monday/Thursday: Upper Body, containing key exercises containing compound movements with secondary exercises

Tuesday/Friday:Lower Body, containing key exercises containing compound movements with secondary exercises.

I do cardio on days I don’t go plus on Upperbody day If I feel like it.(My workouts take long)

The pain will go away once you get used to it I can pin my quads pain free. And the AI will help the bloat, even though proviron is an anti E and it helps with the bloat it’s not as effective as an AI such a arimidex. Proviron does have its benefits as it lowers SHBG and it hardens you up as well and also helps with libido. I’ve never run proviron but I always run a low dose AI on cycle and always stay pretty lean even while taking 40mg of dbol a day, a little fat and water retention is inevitable

I want to make this post a bit of a log. Tomorrow I’m coming into week 4 of the cycle and I’ve put on 15 lbs(176-191) but i’m sure only 2-3 lbs is muscle due to water bloat.

Anyways the side effects I’ve noticed so far is oily skin,acne on face,water bloat,high blood pressure some days(sometimes I get chest pains, very weird)aggression in gym,mood swings.

I’ll be honest that I was contemplating doing this cycle the last few months because I’ve been struggling with Anxiety since August 2011 so I was a little skeptical that the exogenous testosterone would make it a little worse. Hasn’t been too bad, I’m actually having a better overall quality of life even though sometimes my temper/mood swings can come in(exogenous test?).

Can anyone give any input/advice on what to expect the next week or so? I’m coming into week 4 tomorrow and a little frustrated that I’m not seeing that much muscle gain even though strength goes up pretty much every workout. Maybe its too early? The gear is not a problem It’s real Test-E.

Bump anyone?

Test E takes time to “kick in”. You should start seeing results starting in week 5-6. Be patient in a couple weeks you will results.

It’s the middle of week 4 of my cycle. Strength gains have gone up a lot, not too much muscle mass but still noticeable. One thing that is VERY noticeable is fat gain. I’m putting on a bit fat due to high caloric diet. I’m going to start adding cardio to the routine and eat a little less during the day/night. I guess this is the negative thing about not taking account of all macros/calories during the day.

Could be fat gain or water weight. What does your diet look like ?

I eat around 3-4 large meals a day,plus snacks if I’m hungry. Protein is above 230 g. Carbs,fats I haven’t been too keen on. Total caloric intake is around 3,000-4,5000. That’s the problem I don’t the EXACT number of calories I’m eating on this cycle lol, but lately fat gain has been a little noticeable. Starting cardio after upperbody workout tomorrow.

Well what do you eat throughout the day? Do you eat pretty much the same thing everyday? Without knowing what you eat in a day and when, it’s hard to point where the problem is.