First Cycle Test E 500, Deca 200 Questions

Backround: 25 years old, male, 170lbs, 7% bf, been lifting since I was 16 seriously, at 18 modeled for two years and I’m very used to being between 4-6% body fat. Been a personal trainer for the past 7. I am very active in extreme sports and have had several shoulder dislocations hence the alternating shoulders for spot site injections.

On Cycle:
Weeks 1-12: 2x 250mg/wk - Test E {alternating shoulders Sundays & Thursdays,

Weeks: 1-10: 2x 100mg/wk - Deca {alternating shoulders, Sundays & Thursdays}

Week 3-12: 2x 250ui/wk - HCG {alternating shoulders, Tuesdays & Saturdays}

Week 1-12: .25-.5mg EOD of Arimidex {as my AI}

Week 14-15: 40mg/ED Nolvadex AND 50mg/ED Clomid

Week 16-17: 20mg/ED Nolvadex AND 50mg/ED Clomid

Thoughts, imput?

Drop the deca from your first cycle. You can use it if you want but being that this is your first cycle you should see how you respond to just the test first. Cycle length looks good. Adex dosage looks good. Start PCT week 15, not week 14. Skip week 13 and 14, start pct week 15. PCT dosages look good.

You’ve done a pretty good job with your research. Good luck with your first cycle.