First Cycle Test E 250 (General Quesitons)

I’m new to the community so I apologize if I am doing this wrong. After 6 years of lifting natty and going from 145 pounds to 175 pounds I am now wanting to run my first cycle! I have gotten blood work done and test levels are in range on the high end of the spectrum and estradiol levels are within range but on this higher end as well. I am going to be running Test Enanthate 250. I have a couple questions, would there be a big difference between 250mg and 500mg weekly. I have read support for both some saying if you’re shutting down system anyways might as well double the dosage to 500 and also support for only 1ml 250 for a first cycle. Secondly I have tamoxifen on hand but was originally going to run an AI, through reading however, I see tamoxifen will be fine if not better. When on cycle should you start tamoxifen dosage and how much should this dosage be per week/per day? Any insight and opinions would be greatly appreciated.


Yes, your test level will be significantly higher on 500/week. Since this is your first cycle and you want the most out of it, I say “GO BIG OR GO HOME”.

Seriously, 500/week is a good first cycle. Just stick with Test and keep the Nolva on hand as you watch/feel for E2 sides.

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Thanks for the advice this is generally what the consensus has been. When you say watch and feel obviously we’re speaking of sides. However if I am getting blood work done while on cycle and Estrogen readings come back high but I am not experiencing sides such as Gyno etc. do you recommend adding the nolva or just letting estradiol be high seeing that I’m not “experiencing sides”

If your natural T lvl is on the high side of normal taking 250 of TE/wk might end up giving you less T in your system than you have now. Wouldn’t that suck? First cycle and you lost muscle mass.


Our resident endo/steroid guru/trt doc says that high estrogen in the presence of high test is good, its only when test is low that high estrogen can cause issues. The same for low E2, there are negatives with that. You will know if you are starting to feel something but even lumps under your nipples are not a reason to freak out. Taking nolva in your PCT will reduce them and so will getting off cycle.

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Here’s a thread I started when I stopped all AI. Lots of good info from @physioLojik (who I mentioned above)

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You could also consider doing what I did for my first cycle - 400mg every week of test.

Your going to see excellent results, and there is a good chance you won’t need an AI or Nolva, unless you are gyno prone.

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So just did my first two pins this week. Had my pct and cycle all planned and have everything on hand but just realized I am unsure of one thing. I won’t know if I’m going to be using the tamoxifen on cycle till a couple weeks from now it would be awesome if it’s not needed but let say it is and I start using tamoxifen for signs of gyno and etc. Would I stop the tamoxifen when pinning stops wait two weeks then PCT? Or continue the tamoxifen for those two weeks in between cycle and PCT and keep using tamoxifen which is planned for PCT all the way through?

Keep using all the way through.


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Thank you @Singhbuilder, I’m not really a PCT guy so I appreciate you helping @tonythetiger1 out.

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I need to respectfully disagree even if my experience is n=1, while his is much much greater. :smile:
So, I let my E2 rise (I did take some AI, but very little) on 500 mg/wk, and I suffered. Lethargy, brain fog, moodiness, etc. Funnily enough, no gyno at all, just itchy nipples. (Hence my question related to the logic of SERM vs AI, which has been most unfortunately ignored :frowning: ) Labs revealed an E2 of 80.
So, a compromise might be to be careful with AIs, but run labs, say, 4-5 weeks into the cycle, and take it from there especially if symptoms arise.