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First Cycle: Test E 10 Weeks

Hi I’m planning to start my first cycle very soon. I’ve been doing research for a long time and I’m going to have everything on hand. For this cycle my goal is to put on around 10-15lbs of lean mass but anything extra would be a benefit. I’m 21 years old, 5’10, 182lbs. Training 3 years 5-6 days a week. High carb/calorie/protein diet. I’ve went from 140-182 with minimal body fat in 3 years. On cycle plan is training 6-7 days a week possibly no rest days. I take the gym and diet very serious and this is why I am deciding to go through with this and have done my research deciding to get everything on hand. Here is my cycle layout:

Test E week 1-10 250 mg/2x week
HCG week 1:10 250 IU/2x week same days as test with insulin syringe
Arimidex week 1-12: 0.25mg EOD maybe bump to 0.50mg if I see any sides of gyno/itchy nipples occur
Week 12-15 start PCT
Clomid: 50/50/50/25
Nolvadex: 30/20/20/20

One thing I’m skeptical about is if I should start the PCT 2 weeks after last pin or 3 weeks after last pin with a 10 week test cycle? Thanks for reading any help/advice appreciated.

Damn it, I just wrote a huge long post with a couple of critiques and then I read your stats.


You are currently on a cycle called early 20s T levels. ENJOY THAT!!!

You could probably gain another 10-15 pounds lean mass in the next year and it would stay. You gain it on the test chances are it is leaving with the test. You gain it with out it stays and when you do the tests you blow up.

For curiosity Squat Bench and Dead PRs?

Training program? Common exercises?

but generally good job with the research. most your age are morans and want to do a ton of winny dbol and tren (because they didnt research)

You should look up the active Half-life of steroids in order to determine time frames to begining PCT, I forget but i think Test-e is around 5 days… But yeah 2weeks is roughly the right time from memory for 500mg/wk give or take.

Also should pick nolva or clomid, not both. Nolva is seen as a better option.

On a side note still include a rest day, your body is put under great stress with the rapid growth/training intensity… over training/fatigue is still something to look out for.

Thanks but I’m just being honest with my age and I understand I am young and there will be risks regardless. I will most likely be getting pre blood work done aswell, gear arriving in 1-2 days. Also my PRs on squat is 295x4 bench 225x4 deadlift 315x4. I’m deciding to cycle cause I went from 140-182 in 3 years quick yea, but have plateaud at 180 for long time now despite diet and I am very mentally smart for my age and feel I’m ready to take the next step

Thanks for the advice. The only reason I like to train so much cause it’s all I find passion for. Once I started bodybuilding, I really did drop a lot of things. I used to smoke weed and just drink with friends on the weekends when I was 17. Since 18-21 I started to lift, dropped a lot of friends and only hang with 2 friends that are really my lifting partners now. I dropped my friends once I started and stopped smoking weed and drinking on weekends cause once I started bodybuilding I knew it was the path to take and didn’t want set backs. Good advice on the nolva only, I will consider that but in what dosage? The clomid and nolvadex I have are both pharma grade, I did hear do both to be safer but I will look into nolva only.

OK, training program? Diet is all locked in? and very good? and those numbers arent bad I think you could bring them up quite a bit though.


*Run a little less test in a little longer cycle, something around 250mg every 4th to 6th day always the same and not weekly. (weekly is not as consistent and the good stuff happens 6-8 weeks in so run it a bit longer)

*If you run it closer to the 6th day you shouldn’t need arimidex (but keep it on hand)

*HCG not needed but if you want to run it your entire cycle run it up until 4 days before PCT

*Start PCT 3 weeks after last pin with Test E

*PCT looks great

*I have also heard nolva is better but I have also heard they work in synergy.

Got everything on hand and most likely starting Monday. Does anyone have advice for using the HCG with dosages and weeks I should be using it for a first time cycle user of test 10 weeks? Thank you

I’m just wondering why don’t you add N2guard with this cycle
Best Regards.

Good call but is it really worth 90$ if I’m taking just Test E alone no orals? Right now I have orange triad multivitamin which has joint support in it. I was thinking of maybe switching to animal pak when I start the cycle or just stay with orange triad? What you think

Non steroid supplements are a waste of money.

There is no proof that shows any of those liver protectors work.

But you are right those are for heptatoxic orals which you are not using.

HCG is not needed but since you have it go ahead and use it. And use it as you mentioned in your original post.

I read some post mentioned that you really shouldn’t bother with HCG first cycle because it could just make things more complicated and make you have to taper with your AI more cause the estrogen sides could be a little different. I was maybe thinking save it for future cycle if I ever go into heavier compounds or if my balls shrink bad during this cycle to do a 10 day blast at the end and stop 4 days before PCT. I do have the HCG yes, but I’m just really not positive if I want to add it into my cycle right away since it is my first one and it would mean more things I’d have to look out for…

I ordered needles online and they will be getting delivered today. After that, I will be all ready to start. I was thinking of doing Monday and Thursday injections twice week, but when the needles arrive today I will have everything ready to start. Should I just wait until Monday to pin or would it be a dumb move to do my first ever pin today on Friday? Also I might be doing two injections every 4 days. Instead of Monday and Thursday’s maybe Monday’s and Friday’s. This is my first cycle so maybe that wouldn’t be a bad idea to take it slightly slower. Edit: I forgot to mention Botslayer you were the one who gave me that advice of injecting every 4th to 6th day. I think I might stick with every 4 days. Quite anxious right now and like to know if I should start now.

START NOW!! If you want. There is no reason to start on any day over another (unless you are pinning the same days every week).

And yea I really like the pinning with the same time intervals every time.

I mean your pinning would look like this for 250 every 4 days:

It doesnt matter what day you begin your pinning you pin once every 4 days.

(ignore the days I redid one of my cycle spreadsheets, your day 1 would be Day 5…coincidentally your day 1 would have actually been Monday and Day 1 though)

Thanks bro I really appreciate it. Might do my first pin ever tonight around 7:00-7:30 pm. If I decide not to tonight within a couple hours I’ll post back if starting Saturday or Monday. Not too sure if the time you pin matters. Thanks for the advice and I might be saving the HCG I have. I will probably save it last 4 weeks and do a blast at the end if I feel it is needed since others recommended that.

Did my first injection tonight at 9:00pm. Was so nervous since this was a big life decision. Had my friend inject me, was 1cc of 250 test E. Hoping for the best and to grow better then ever!

First pin was done earlier tonight. Nothing else taken yet, just had a chest workout and ate food after. Should I start my arimidex tommorow at 0.5mg/every 3 days or should I wait until week 4 to see if I have any gyno flare symptoms?

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