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First Cycle Test/Deca


I’m new to this but did some studying and am currently on my first week of test/deca test 200 cyp and deca 300 1cc of each a week. I just wanted to go very mild to see how I react to this. I’m trying to add mass and strength. My strength gains are increasing and joints feel way better, scale hasn’t moved much eating my body weight in protein and high carbs. Got clomid lined up for pct 14 days after last jab. What were your first cycle results/experiences? Hoping to get some good gains off this I’d be happy with 10 lbs at least.


Drop deca at least 2 weeks before dropping test. 4 would be better since metabolites hang around much longer. Seems to help with recovery. Deca is a tough one. Hcg would be a big help.


What do you mean by deca as being a tough one? Like tough to get gains from or what? I just wanted to do this in a mild way due to not ever cycling before just to see how my body responds. Any more info would be appreciated I do have extra test c to use after all the deca is gone.


what kluso was referring to is the fact that you’re incorporating an N19 NOR compound (deca) which can shut your natural levels down much harder and longer than test especially because the ester is so long and its known to linger in the body for months. His recommendation which I agree with is drop the deca probably 4-5 weeks before you drop the test so you don’t go from feeling great to total shutdown and then play the waiting game while the deca takes its time exiting your body. Test is a must in all cycles but ive personally avoided deca for the simple fact that it sticks around so long after you discontinue. best of luck,


Thanks guys I’ll plan on doing that during the end of the cycle.


I’m no expert but you may want to consider increasing your test dosage to avoid some of the possible deca sides. A lot of people say 5:3 or even 2:1 ratio but some others say 1:1 is ok. I got some libido sides on my first test deca cycle so upped the test to combat it.


Aesthetics2 thanks for the info what were your results from the cycle but I know everyone is different did you like the deca?


If you wanted a mild cycle then nandrolone is definitely the wrong choice of compound. Would add in a DHT compound such as drostanolone or mesterolone and double the testosterone dose to combat the inevitable 19-NOR side effects that you will likely be facing.


I liked it, definitely a great compound for bulking. id recommend you get nolvadex to run alongside your clomid for pct.


If I were you its still early enough i would drop the Deca. This way you will know how your body responds just to the test. after you cycle off and plan your next cycle then i suggest adding a compound like deca, that way any difference of feel you know where it came from. as you kp cycling keep adding compound one by one so you know what each one is doing to your body and how it reacts to it. if ou start adding too many compounds at once and start feeling like shit you won’t really know what is causing it, and will be shooting in the dark trying to fix it. Just my two cents. Personally i love deca for putting on size and roundness in the muscle bellies but I stay at a minimum 2:1 Ratio Test to deca.