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First Cycle, Test/Deca. Need an Estrogen Blocker or Liver Protection?

Do i need to run estrogen blocker with my cycle of test and decca or liver protection

Short answer is ‘maybe’. You provided almost no information that anyone reading your post needs to intelligently answer you.

Why are you running deca on your first cycle?

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I’m running test decca and sus , 1 ml of each 3 xs a week ,do i need to run estrogen blocker of somw sort and liver protected pills ?

So you’re running Test, Deca, and Test?

Yes you need to have an AI or SERM ready.

You need to not run deca in your first cycle. I HIGHLY recommend discontinuing its use.


I would drop the Sus as well if you’re doing 3xweek pins of Test…whats the point?

What do you recomend,

Depends on the individual in question, their goals, training history, current condition, etc…
Generically for a first cycle I don’t think a person could go wrong with the basic Test Cyp at 250mg 2x week run for 16 weeks.

Ok well this is my second time running cycle I’ve been working out for awhile now, I just started again with test ,decca,and sus, when do i run the estrogen blocker and what do you recommend for post cycle therapy and when do i start it,

What did you do for your first cycle then?

Test and decca

I meant as far as PCT. I betting you didn’t run one and I’m just trying to gauge how much homework you’ve done.

I can’t remember what I took,what a the beat way to run a cycle ,12-18aeeks and then start a post cycle therapy 5 weeks before you go off or how does it work

So this is your second cycle, even though the thread title says “first cycle”. And you’re running two versions of test (well four, technically) and you don’t know if you need an AI. Are you 100% you know wtf you’re doing?

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Drop the deca and the sust (save them for later of trade them to a friend for more test). Run your test at 500mg a week and get some AI or a SERM and make life easy on yourself.

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Run a Test only cycle for your first. I don’t think you have done much research. The answers you are seeking can be found in a simple search online. Do your research.


Why would you start pct five weeks before your cycle ends? It’s post cycle therapy, which means after the cycle. You have absolutely no business using steroids right now. You’re going to hurt yourself because you didn’t bother to do even the most rudimentary due diligence.

I know this isn’t what you want to hear but trust me, if you take this advice you’ll still make plenty of gains if your training and diet on really on point and if anything starts to go wrong you’ll know instantly that it’s because of the test and not one of the other compounds you’re using. The next time around you could add a second compound on top of the test and then you’d know with a high degree of certainty that any negative sides were a result of the 2nd compound.
We really do have your best interest in mind here.

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What do you take for al or serms