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First Cycle: Test, Deca, Mast, Anavar, T3. Add Clen?

30yo make with lower than usual T.

Always natural, focussed on strength training (put up 160kg bench last week with no spot).

Goal of my cycle is to get a little stronger but mainly recomp my body without losing any strength.

I want to avoid taking an AI which is why I’m on a lower dosage of Test/Deca and a larger dosage of Mast.

My theory cycle is as follows, please critique/suggest things, thanks!

250mg Test-E/wk
150mg Deca/wk
600mg Mast-E/wk

(The above spread over 2 shots, Sunday’s and Wednesdays).

20mg Anavar/daily
50mg T3/Daily
(What do you think about adding a small dosage of clen?)

The plan is to do this for 16 weeks and remain on the test as a form of TRT (probably reduce its to 150-200 based on where my T levels are at) as it’s extremely hard to get TRT where I’m located.

Thanks guys

I suggest you revise to just test blast or just test / anavar for your first cycle. This is simply more complicated and more compounds than you need. Also, don’t mess with the T3. Screwing with your thyroid is for advanced users and competitors IMO.

Ditto what @blshaw said. First cycle is getting to know how you respond to gear. if you have a reaction (good or bad), which one will you attribute it to?

As we’ve all said a million times, this a slow game. Take your time, build quality muscle. Give your body a rest from time to time (especially your liver).

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Many pundits recommend HcG purchased in https://steroids-evolution.net/injectables-steroids on cycle and not PCT.

@blshaw is right.

I’d add: don’t put deca in, it’s not worth getting limp dick over and unnecessary for a first cycle.

You shouldn’t need an AI on 500 Test anyways. A rise T accompanied by a rise in E2 is normal and helpful. Don’t worry too much about E2 until you get real symptoms.

And T3 and Clen is completely unnecessary too until you’re in the single digits body fat. The anabolics should preserve muscle during a cut if you’re going for one. So no need to use these too, just do a bit higher deficit as that is what these two mainly do (besides actively activating fat burning but that is not the problem in your case I suppose).

And for PCT, take Tamoxifen.