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First Cycle: Test, Deca, Anadrol. How Long to Feel the Effect?

Hi All, this is my first cycle
Test E, Deca and anadrol
Week 1-2 test E 250mg/week
Deca 125mg /week
Week 3-8 test 500mg/week
Deca 250mg/week
Anadrol 50mg every day for door weeks
Currently in week 2
How long it will take for me to feel the effects

Diet and training is on point…
Thank u

If your not feeling the anadrol by now it’s either fake or your diet and training isn’t on point as you think it is.

9-12 week test E 675mg
Deca 375mg

May I ask why you are tapering Test from 250 to 500 to 675?



Lol now that I actually look at the cycle and time frames and doses face palm

It’s from 500 to 625

Definitely increase in strength and weight probably water weight …but yeah there are changes…I just wanted to know the effects of test n deca like how long will it take to actually start working as it’s claimed

Week 1 and 2 you list 250/wk.
9-12 you list 675.

You should know stuff like this before injecting the drug into your body.



Week 1-2 250
Week 3-8 500
Week 9-12 625

Again, I am going to ask, why?

Also, why are you taking deca and anadrol? So that when you have some bad side effects you can play the guessing game between which of the 3 drugs is causing those sides? Sounds like a fun game to me.

Do you even have a PCT plan?

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How old are you and how long have you been training?

I’m 29 training for 3 years now

Ok old enough. You decided to ignore the advice of many on this site to run test only for your first cycle to see how you respond. Ok cool. As someone else already said I hope you have a good pct plan, you’re probably going to need it. Good luck and keep us updated.

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Thank u mate…I’ll surely keep updated

this guys will post : DECA DICK PROBLEM SOON !!!

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