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First Cycle: Test, D-Bol, and Deca


500 mg a week of test. Run that for 10-12 weeks. D-bol the first 4 weeeks. Prolly 250-400 mg deca for 6 weeks. Then about 6 weeks of PCT.

Is the dosages enough or too much? This is my first cycle of anything and I dont have the damn attention span to read up on it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


I don't have the attention span to give you my advi



lol. Doubt I will have the span to read them


Most would recommend a single compound for your first cycle. Usually test only. If you run 3 and hit some problems you won't know which is responsible because you don't know how each affects you personally.


Good call
My brother ran this cycle and had no bad sides... He's a bitch and wont talk about his cycle though.


I don't see how you can NOT be interested in this topic.

Steroids and other performance enhancing drugs are very interesting and I enjoy reading about them.

Most people who use steroids properly like to do the research because it is exciting.

The fact that your attention deficit disorder prevents you from doing your own research tells me you want to take something and magically get results.

If you really want results you will research what you are about to inject into your body.

Imo... hormones are a very powerful thing, they aren't just supplements that grow muscle but have many other functions in the body.



Easy champ. Of course I'm doing my research on the stuff. There is now way I would stick my self with something and not know what all the possible outcomes where.

I was more or less looking for peoples personal opinions on the stack. I think that we all know that how its supposed to go down on paper isnt always how it happens in real life. Personal feedback is just another tool to help out.


Coming with that attitude you will get a lot more help. Your first couple posts where conveyed in a negative manner.

Good luck man, sorry I can't be of any help here.



Drop the deca, run with test, d-bol optional.


Ughhhhh What


test only. you'll love it.
save everything else for down the road.