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First Cycle. Test Cyp, Optional Deca

Going to be running Test Cyp, adding deca is an option just not sure if needed
PCT will be Clomid, is anything else needed?


Have you read all the other “reviews” about “first cycle”?

I did but I’m looking for a more specific answer with what products I have available. Any help is appreciated

Your post is very vague. Honestly you probably don’t need anything other than Test C and Clomid. I prefer Nolva but never had any problems personally with Clomid. I don’t recommend using an AI but I do think its wise to have one in case you are one of the unlucky guys who aromatize heavily.

I wouldn’t use Deca unless you have prior experience. Try NPP to start as it will clear your system faster if you get ED issues.

Thanks Shaw, I saw a lot of guys just running test and no AI, so after reading all of that it sounds like it might just be better to run the test C and Clomid for pct as a FNG to this.

Also, I’ll look into the pct you recommended and see if I’m able to get it.