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First Cycle Test Cyp and Dbol While on Accutane


my stats are as follows im 21, weight 74kg just recently cut up, hight 5'11,i have been training for 2 years with a good diet plan keeping it strict with a cheat on the weekend. my training consists of a five day split one muscle group a day except for legs when i throw some abs in.

this is my first cycle so i wanted to bulk up and increase strength so i decided to go for test cyp and dbol to kick start.

Week 1-4 dbol 30mg ed(split into 3 10mg doses over the day)
week 1-10 test cyp 500mg 2x week
week 12-14 pct - nolvadex as i am going to las vagas so i can only do 2 weeks of pct is this enough?
also using accutane 20mg e2d

firstly is nolvadex enough for pct on its own for 2 weeks?
what sort of liver protection should i use becuase of the damage from accutane and dbol ?
i was looking at getting arimidex incase of gyno thinking of giving it a miss becuase of how costly it is, can i just use low dose nolva to prevent this if signs of gyno occur?

thanks looking forward to your replys