First Cycle - Test Cyp and Anavar

Hey guys,

Looking for some advice.
227 lbs
Bf% 25 (taken on handheld reader so I don’t know how accurate).

I started my cycle today:
500 mg test cyp per week 1-12
40 mg anavar per day week 1-8
.5 mg of Armidex every three days to start

Lifting 5 days a week. 40 mins of walking to/from gym per day.

200 G protein
346 g carbs
Fats: 75 g
Cals: 1950

What can I expect? My goals are to lose fat, and hopefully retain muscle and build some in the process. I am experienced in the gym, but a previous gambling addiction took me away from fitness and into a shitty lifestyle. I’ve been back in the gym since October.

I know nothing happens overnight, but I just want some feedback, expectations and what not. Thanks!

For starters Your macros are way off that’s almost 3000 cal/day

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How old are you? That’s a tough bf to start from. A first cycle usually isn’t a cut for a reason. You can cut simply by eating better. So if you eat better during this cycle you’ll accomplish some goals. But the reason people use steroids while cutting is to spare the hard earned muscle they’ve built. If you don’t have a lot of that then you’re putting your endocrine system through Hell in order to save something that isn’t worth saving at the cost you’re paying. What’s your body composition like right now?

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I’m gonna second iron. My belief is if someone doesn’t have the will power and dedication paired with proper diet and training to get their body fat below 20% then they should not use steroids in hopes of cutting. You will almost certainly gain it back after your cycle IF you even lose it in cycle

I definitely have the willpower now. I was 235 feb 16th and have already dropped 10 lbs of fat. I just want to accelarate the process. I’m a very motivated guy now, it’s just more about knowing what to expect. I’m 23 years old. Will i experience fat loss? Muscle gain? just wanna know what I’m looking at.

  1. I don’t know if my bf% is accurate because #1 it was given to me in October and I have been training since then and have definitely gained muscle. I definitely have fat in my midsection, and in the love handle area but no tittys. I’m just looking for what I can expect? If my diet is dialled in, will I lose fat and gain muscle? Or one or the other? I need to get a dexa done for sure. I started my cycle today at 250 mg of Test Cyp and 40mg of var. Would you recommend I stop? Or see what happens?

Sorry: Wrong numbers on my tracker. Average: 190g carbs 204 g protein 39 g fat.
Any tips?

It sounds like your just starting this journey of fitness and wellness it’s a great thing it’s not always easy and has many ups and downs. A lot of people find it’s not for them after a while. My best advice would be to wait at least a solid year and see how you feel then if your still as dedicated still killing the workouts and eating right then consider a cycle.

Do you know why gyms have membership deals in January. It’s for new years resolutions. People have the best of intentions and sometimes follow thru for a while but often times fall short do to whatever reasons… Life does happen

I’m not saying thats you I’m saying make very well sure your committed before you start messing with your hormones. It can easily turn into a life long commitment wether you like it or not.

As far as what will happen in cycle your diet and training dictates that

As far as trying to body recomp idk I either bulk or cut. When I bulk I do it dirty when I cut I cut hard. I probably wouldn’t reccomend either of those to someone starting out

I definitely have the will power. I was 235 Feb 16th, and have already dropped 10 lbs. I just want to accelerate the process. I’m a very motivated guy now, it’s just more about knowing what to expect. I’m 23 years old. Like will I experience fat loss? Muscle gain? Just want to know what I’m looking at.

I’m 23. I’ve definitely got some good muscle underneath this layer which is 100% muscle memory from my prior fitness journey. I don’t even know if that percentage is correct cause I believe the dexa scan is the only way to go. Just looking for what I could expect. I started the cycle today, so I’m curious to know if you’d advice stopping? Or continuing and seeing what happens?

Any suggestions on macros? This was a guide given to me by a friend with a great physique. You’re right. My macros are off my bad. This is now: 190 g carbs 200 G protein 39 g fat.

Gaining muscle is one process. Losing fat is another. It is possible to do both, but it’s harder than almost anything else when it comes to diet and training. I’m in the middle of doing it now and it’s been 10 weeks with only a 5lb reduction. Granted I’m adding size to my muscles and my strength is progressing, but that’s a lot of time and work for 5lbs of fat. My point is that it isn’t easy.

Oh i know it’s not easy. I’m just going to keep my diet dialled in and see how it goes. I’ve trained hard before and had great natty pumps and gains etc. Already have had that experience. Thanks for the sound advice. I’ll sleep on it tonight.

Thank you for the advice. I absolutely am not going to do a dirty bulk, but I have a dexa booked in May. I’m going to see what happens with my body, because I was committed before my past addictions took me away from the gym. Any suggestions on diet on cycle? is my cardio good enough or should I hop on the bike for 30 min every other day? I’ve been reading that strength training only would be okay, but I definitely am prioritizing leanness for the summer over bulk. Any thoughts on my macros? 190g carbs 204 g protein 39 g fat.

I’m not the best with diet advice mainly because I don’t track macros anymore I used to but now it’s just kinda second nature.

But il try

First find out what your maintenance calories per day are. That’s an important base line to have. I usually shoot 1000 cal/day under my maintenance when trimming but I probably wouldn’t reccomend that for your first cycle. I’d say shoot for 500 under maintenance keep fat relatively low like you have listed maybe bring the carbs down to 125 (make sure they are good healthy carbs) and jack your protein up a bit.

You can never go wrong with cardio especially when trimming down bro. I hate cardio. But I still Crush it Once a week no matter what. For me hi/low interval cardio works best when I need to shed some fat.