First Cycle Test C 250 With or Without Rad?

Hey, first post. Can you guys critique please?

31M, training mid 20s, 5’11’’ 195 very lean.

In the past I was jabbing 250mg per/wk of Test C 250, I was only in a few weeks and got seriously injured so PCT was the least of my concern, so I never really got the full experience etc. Now, my bloods my T came in at 384ng/dl, Doc said “Your fine” even though on his scale he showed me 300 was the lower range limit so I feel like I could do better?

I was going to just go 12 weeks of again Test C 250 and maybe throw RAD 140 in the last 6? (Useless?)

Looks like I can get Adex, Nolva, Clom, HCG … From what I’ve gathered at 250mg I likely don’t need much? .5 EOD Adex if at all? 40/40/20/20 Nolva 2 weeks after last injection? Would the same suffice if I added the RAD in? What would you suggest? Thanks guys.

This belongs in the #pharma forum, not TRT.

If you’re going to go through the process of getting UGL test to run a cycle, just run test… why even bother with SARMs at that point?

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I already have the test, and the rad, I have the test from before and there was a point where I was like meh Ill try sarms so I ended up with both. I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews on it, a lot from your point of view which makes complete sense as well as I’ve read a lot of other people saying with a dose of something like 250mg test (body dependent) Id basically be at a trt dose and won’t see a big benefit and just use the test as a base and snag the benefits of the sarm as well? Thanks for pointing that out, ill see if I can move it or a mod will move it.

Yeah im not to sure, ill have to find the paper again but I believe it was Total T which was the only one listed on the paper I was given. I am actively trying to find a private clinic but for now id like to just do it myself and see how I feel since I already have it.

Since there are no pics, i have no idea what to recomend for you, so i can just go by what i would do.
I wouldnt waste time on 250mgs of test. What i would do, is - if you can get test, just do more test. If you cant, then sure, add whatever, because 250mgs of test is gonna do fuck all.


I would not, given it’s your first “real” cycle

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