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First Cycle: Test and Deca

Hello everyone. I am currently doing my first cycle. I’m 26 years old and have been lifting since I was 16. I am 6’7" and 238 lbs. When I first started lifting I weighed in at a very scrawny 168 lbs so I have put on 70 lbs of muscle mass with body fat staying relatively low. I can see my top abs so I’m somewhere around 12% BF give or take. I started taking test CYP 250 4 weeks ago. I’m currently finishing up week 4 and gains are starting to be recognized. Next week I am picking up 2 more bottles of test CYP 250 and one bottle of deca 300. I’m going to keep running the test at 500 mg a week split in between 2 shots and am going to start the deca at 300 mg one shot a week. I know I should have started the deca earlier but I couldn’t get it until now. I can still run it for a total of 10 weeks finishing out with my test on week 15.

Now my question to you guys is should I get 2 bottles of deca and preload it the first week or 2 at 600 mg or just get the one bottle and run it for 10 weeks and finish it as the same time as my test because after all the research I’ve done I’ve seen that it’s highly advised to do it with test but it is a long acting ester and would be in my body for a few weeks after week 15 but then again deca is also long lasting and from what I’ve read I don’t think I want deca in my system without test and definitely don’t know if I want to go over 15 weeks when it comes to the test and I am also picking up an estrogen blocker next week with the test and deca to start taking every other day.

What are your guys thoughts? Is adding the deca on the 5th week of my test cycle worth it at this point or would you guys point me in a different direction? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance guys

I would not use deca on a first cycle. I would only use an estrogen management drug if I absolutely needed it.

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At 12% you would see more than the top of your abs. That’s more like 18%

No. Do some research on the side effects of nandrolone and make sure its something you want to risk. If so, don’t front load it just run it for the 10 weeks IMO.

Deca only aromatizes at a fifth the rate of testosterone. So its basically a non issue for calculating your AI needs. Base it off your test dose an symptoms.

Stick to test only for your first cycle. You’re still in the beginning and don’t yet know how just test affects you.

FWIW: Deca gave me a nasty itchy rash on my upper body and soft erections. I won’t be taking it again.

My bigger concern is that you started your cycle without everything you needed, like all your test. Do you have your pct on hand?

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