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First Cycle, Test and Dbol

Hi guys, I am curious about running my first “bulking” cycle, I’ve been researching for over a year and I’m currently in the position where I firmly believe the next step is needed, I am currently 19 years old, almost 20, I am no stranger to bodybuilding and powerlifting, I’ve been lifting for 6 years and competed in two bodybuilding shows (first weighing 170, second weighing 178) and several local powerlifting meets with my totals being
395 bench
535 squat
615 deadlift
In both of my shows I weighed in well below the weight limit and would like to add some size to my frame, I am 5’9.5 and have 19lbs to grow to hit the top of my class currently I have been looking into running test e for 12 weeks at 500mg a week (250mg bi weekly) and jump starting with 20mg/ed of either dbol or drol for 5 week. I have concerns about pct about whether Nolvadex or clomid or both would be the best way to go and then also what A.I. Would work the best? Any feedback would be very helpful, thank you very much.

Paging @flipcollar

You want to know about powerlifting? He’s your guy.

I will say that you’re too young, and that at 19 your natural testosterone production is pretty high. If you want to gain weight at 19 you need two things, training and diet. You have the training part handled, it seems. So what’s your diet look like?

Currently I eat clean, 3800 kcal, 465g carb, 90g fat, 280g protein, I split it into 6meals a day
Meal 1
4servings of oats
5 hardboiled eggs
6oz 80/20 ground beef
550g cooked white rice
120g broccoli
Meal 3
4oz 80/20 ground beef
450g cooked rice
100g asparagus
Meal 4
7oz chicken breast
350g cooked rice
150g bell pepper
Meal 5
7oz chicken breast
250g cooked rice
50g onion 50g mushroom
Meal 6
100g cream of rice
64g protein powder
I also take a multi, fish oil, vitamin c, vitamin d, and a vitamin b complex, with a shot of apple cider vinegar:)
And I love powerlifting that’s for sure but I’d be 100% running a cycle for bodybuilding (classic physique) over anything.

what weight class are you competing in? And what is your current bodyweight? You clearly know what you’re doing training and diet-wise. And your lifts are really good if your bodyweight is still under 200.

as for the question you asked specifically, I suggest nolva rather than clomid, at a minimal dose for best results.

Are there other specific things you’d like to know? Your first cycle plan is just fine, it’s basically what I would advise.

I weighed 182 with those lifts, I am currently 215 at 9% (foot scanner, so probably about 11%) I compete in class b with my weight cap being 197 I believe, the high questions I have would be with when to take A.I and what one would be the best in your opinion, I’ve always heard arimidex but I want to be positive :slight_smile: