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First Cycle: Test/Anavar

Hi everyone, I’m new here and am looking for a little bit of feedback on my planned first cycle. I’m almost 23 and about 5’6/175lbs at 11% bodyfat. I plan on doing a clean bulk this summer and wanna run a 12 week test enanthate first cycle. Since I have some anavar lying around I figured I’d may as well throw that in too. My protocol will be as follows:

Test enanthate - weeks 1-12 @ 500mg/week (2 shots of 250mg monday and thursday)
Anavar - weeks 8-12 @ 40mg, 60mg, 80mg, 60mg, 40mg

Clomid - 3 weeks @ 50mg/day (start 2 weeks after last test shot)
Nolvadex - 3weeks @ 40mg/day for weeks 1 & 2 and 20mg/day for week 3 (also start 2 weeks after last test shot)

AI - Aromasin weeks 1-12 @ 25mg every other day

I always train hard and have crazy discipline when dieting so I’m extremely excited with the potential gains from this cycle. Would like to know what you guys think of this cycle and would greatly appreciate any and all feedback as well as guidance. Cheers!

I don’t see the need to taper the anavar, just run it as high as you can afford for as long as you can afford.

PCT should be 4 weeks, so another week of clomid at 50mg or nolva at 20mg.

Dose your aromasin at 12.5 a day, as opposed to eod.

Other than that, looks alright.

Like the above poster said no need to taper the anavar. I’d get more and just run it the whole cycle at around 40-60mg. Change the aromasin to 12.5mg ED and ditch the clomid for pct.

if this is your first cycle, i’d hold off on the anavar. that stuff isn’t cheap anyway, so i’m confused as to why you have some lying around…

like Yogi said, you need to tweak that PCT, as well.

^ gd right that stuff aint cheap… im running 50g per day with tprop… u running a cut cycle or wanting bulk? Yur 1st cycle test only shouldget nice results…if u do it right pprobably 20lbs ish… Also its yur money but save the stacking for later…you might wanna see how your body reacts to the test b4 u go nuts arnold…