First Cycle, Test-Anavar. Adding EQ On Week 6

I am on my first cycle of testosterone enanthate at 500 mg per week for 16 weeks depending on when i run out of it. I am also running Anavar from weeks 4 through 12 and I was wondering if I would be okay to run EQ from week 6 to week 16 would i see results from this and would it be quicker for me to see this substance working if I front loaded it. Any advice that is helpful would be appreciated.

EQ is awesome stuff, but it is best run for 12-16 weeks from the get go. You will only be getting 10 weeks of it on your current cycle plan.

Yes you could frontload, but as you haven’t used it before you won’t know how you will react to it.
With frontloading you risk high blood pressure, anxiety. Because EQ takes time to kick in you can take high amounts for 4-6 weeks, but then the sides can hit you like a brick wall, and they will stick around for several weeks despite stopping use.

As this seems to be your first cycle of injectables you are better off sticking to just the test. Assess how you went on you cycle, then add another substance the next cycle if you want to. You may not even need to.

I think many newcomers overdo the amount of mg/week they really need. You will be surprised how much muscle you can gain from a small amount of steroids, when you add up several moderate cycles over a year or two.

what if i subsituted to EQ with Deca instead

Same issue. Long esters need to be run longer. No way around that. Now bold cyp or NPP? Those would work.

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Looks like I will only be doing the test and the anavar for my first cycle. I dont want to end up with moon face and looking all retarded

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