First Cycle Test 500mg Plan

Would like feedback/suggestions on my first cycle plans……

Weeks 1-12: 500 mg test cyp (two shots a week)
Weeks 14-18: 50, 50, 25, 25 of clomid daily and nolva 40, 40, 20, 20 daily…… I only weigh 150 pounds does this sound good or lower dosages? These are underground labs so I prefer to do both in case one ended up being bunk. From good source but who knows paranoid ha.
I have Arimidex on hand in case sides appear on an as needed basis or should I just take this as part of the cycle, maybe a low dose reading conflicting info? Specific sides to look out for?
Is 500mg of test good being my weight is now cut down to only 150 pounds was 165 not sure how much weight affects what dosage is best. I got blood work done before cycle and my test levels are 638 total and 72 free. 27 year old. 5 9
Diet: How many calories over maintenance should I eat while on cycle or a better questions how many pounds after the initial 2 weeks of water weight should I target for the scale to go up by each week before it’s majority fat gain, I have been training 2 years so have a base but not a ton of muscle I know can gain more natural but have mind set on doing this cycle.

Goal is to gain serious mass without getting overly fat (last bulk gained a lot in stomach area), I am now nice and cut ready for it.

I genuinely believe anyone that asks the most BASIC of questions regarding nutrition has absolutely no business jumping on a cycle.

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How is that a basic question? I figure can gain a lot more muscle vs fat per a week on cycle then on a natural bulk never done a cycle so trying to figure out what that number is.

150lbs? Are you a female?

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Man, I’m 155 and trying to put on weight. I started at 145 6 weeks ago and I haven’t put on much fat at all. You need to work on your nutrition because people as thin as us have no business jumping on a cycle. We have a couple years if not longer before even thinking about it. It isn’t a poke of magic liquid…lol

Edit: 2 years and you’re still 150…dude

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Anyone going to answer my questions about dosage and realistic amount of muscle can gain per week at my weight on cycle? Or is this just a bunch of internet trolls on here btw with the 2 years training yes didn’t know what was doing first year then I had a personal trainer create a 4 day split help get my form perfect which I have been following every week and have my diet now in check

How do you know that your form is perfect? What exactly is your training? What is your diet? You don’t know enough about this to create your own routine, but you think hormone manipulation is a good plan? The trolling has not begun, but some mockery has. You really have a long way to go before drugs. If you lack that patience, then you will really hurt yourself with drugs. They are really not plug and play, they are extremely complicated and require a lot of patience and understanding. You are being warned in the nicest possible way that you are not ready.

Youl gain 100lbs of muscle if you use 4 grams a week of test.

Does that help?

Like the others said you have no business jumping on a cycle.

Get your nutrition figured out and forget the cycle.

Nuff said

No matter how many times I have seen this type of train wreck, I just can’t stop watching it.


Lmao same and can’t stop myself from replying to their posts

I already got the gear and am going to run the cycle so eh lol

My man, if everyone gives you the same answer then the problem is with you, not everyone else. This isn’t some vision quest where you’re going to see something unique and different from everyone else. You need to eat more and it’s not debatable. Know how I know?

You could add 15-20lbs by the end of the year if you have the right training program and diet. Once you’ve done that then you’ll have a good base to begin a cycle. But right now you’re just not there.