First Cycle: Test 500mg, Dbol 30mg

So I have purchased everything. 15weeks worth of test e (only using worth 12), Nolva and Aromasin, and Dbol.

Week 1-5 Dbol 30mg
Week 1-12 Test e 500mg (250 Mon morning and Thurs evening)

Aromasin 12.5mg EOD soon as estro sides shows, if non then probably wont touch.


Week 15-20 Nolva 40/40/20/20/20/20


  1. How should I dose the dbol? Take 10mg every 4 hours?
  2. Is there any benefit to using AI from the start?
  3. Should I does Aromasin on week 13 and 14 to kill of excess estro before coming to PCT, and add again Aromasin in last 2 weeks of PCT to prevent estrogen rebound.

Please give your inputs

  1. Half life is 4-6 hours. 2-3x per day is normal
  2. Only if you have prior experience showing its necessity
  3. No

Again thank you for replying. You have reply also from my other post.

See, Im looking to add lean mass here about 10lbs I’ll make sure diet will be on point. Dbol might not be really the best option here right? Since fat and water retention and all that, I was leaning towarda using Anavar since this is most suited for the goal and is less liver toxic than dbol.

So if I did go for var, 50mg ED. I’d only have ebough for 30 days. Should I do this for the first 4 weeks or the last 4 weeks?

If its a dry orals like winny or var i like it at the end when your test levels have already peaked and your really getting good gains i like throwing it in there to give it even more of a boost.

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Looks good.

If your goal is to add 10lbs of lean mass, AND this is your first cycle… scrap the DBol and any oral.
Run just Test E for 10-12 weeks and see how your body reacts.

My first cycle was Test E, I put on close to 25lbs with eating right at Test E 500/wk. Yes I lost some of that, as my PCT sadly lined up with a big move cross country, and my second child being born. But even going through all of that, I maintained a solid 12-13lbs of that well after PCT was done.

Don’t add an oral that can mess you up, and cause sides, and then you don’t know what is causing the side effects.

10lbs is very obtainable with just Test. Keep it simple.

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