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First Cycle. Test 400 Once or Twice a Week? When to Use Arimidex?

I am fixing to start my first steroid cycle of test 400 blend and was wondering whether or not I should pin once or twice a week? It’s a blend of test e150mg, test c 150mg and test prop 100mg. Also I was wondering whether or not I should use arimidex from the beginning of cycle or only if I start to get gyno symptoms?

Twice a week. The rule for AI is generally don’t use it unless you need it. It’s not just gyno that you’ll be on the lookout for. Other high e2 symptoms can be mood swings, excess water retention, high bp, libido issues, et al.

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Altho I agree with what iron said I just don’t understand why someone would make a blend like this.

Someone must have said “let’s put 2 of pretty much the same long ester (waste of time) then let’s add short prop ester”

Pinning twice a week is fine for this because 3/4th of the blend is the same long ester. But to get any value out of the prop ester you’d need to pin EOD.

Unless this person made blend to be pinned EOD all its really doing is spiking your test twice a week.

once gyno hits are you pretty much fucked? how would you know to immediately run the AI ?