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First Cycle - Test 250 and HGH


Well I am 26 have been active my whole life and trained hard the last 6 years. 195 lbs 12-14% bf. Weight train, occasional crossfit, and mma.
I am interested in starting test cyp 250 with hgh. Running the test for the first 10 weeks and continuing the hgh for an additional 2 1/2 months.

I will keep nolva on deck and chlomid for pct. I find so much contradicting info which I understand is a difference of opinion but I really need something I can take and run with. My (teacher/boss) from what I've gathered is misinformed and about to run me into a wall. I need as much criticism, help with a maximized beneificial structured diet, expectations, anything I may need that would benefit. I have now postponed this cycle for 3 months researching as much as possible and would really just like direct personal feedback for my particular usage. May sound uninformed but if I didn't ask I might be making an uninformed decision
Guess Ill start with that. Thank you



You haven't given people anything to work with. No doses, schedules, nothing. How much? When? What specific protocol for pct? Read the cycle proposal guidelines and post something people can criticize for better or worse.

I mean shit man, if you've done your research like you said, post up what relevant info there is. This is a relatively large pet peeve on this board.


Weeks 1-10
Test 250 c: 125mg 2/week Sunday eve, Wednesday morn
Weeks 2-10: arimidex. 25 mg/eod
Weeks 12-14
Chlomid 100/50//50/50
3iu mon wed fri

Diet 3500-4000cals/day
Protein 250-300 grams/day
Low sugers
portioned meals e2h


Drop the HGH and use the cash to buy more test and some dbol or drol. Thats a real waste of money and a poor first cycle. I would seriously consider running 750mg per week test as your first cycle, and some dbol or drol somewhere along the way.


Agree with Guns. 250 mg/week of test is a replacement dose, not a cycle dose. It is not worth repressing your own natural production for such a low dose of test.

GH is best used in the 6-10 iu zone (that's the low end). 3 iu will be a waste of money, unless mild fat loss is the ONLY thing you want it for, and then it is too freaking expensive to justify unless you can spend whatever you want and not worry. You did get the dosing right though with 3x week.

Test at 500mg / week is what you should be looking at inder these circumstances.


I much appreciate the constructive criticism. My so called Guru is full of $*#$ and if was up to him Id be in a wreck. Can I benefit by raising to 200mg 2/week test c
And 4iu hgh m w f?
Im self made off of a few patents and products(so money is not much of an issue) and very devoted my training and physical condition. That's why I wanted to incorporate the hgh with a smaller dose of test, and let my regiment and diet do the rest
Again any additional info is much appreciated..


No problem. For a minor cycle I think 400 mg test a week is fine. It is going to be easier to simply do 500 mg though, just based off of what most "brands" dose enanthate or cypionate at (usu. 250 mg per mL).

For for the gH I really wouldn't consider it worthwhile under 6 iu. HOWEVER, if you only want some fat loss effects then 4 iu should be fine. I believe our very own Bushido Bad Boy has recommended 4 iu for fat loss somewhere on this site. Split the doses into 2 separate doses of 2 iu in a day--don't take all 4 iu at once. Dose either first thing in the morning and around the workout, or pre and post workout. Avoid injecting at night time.

Inject the gH either intramuscularly like the test (not in the same syringe though!), or intravenously. GH is the exact opposite of test/other steroids--spiking blood levels as quick as possible and having them drop as quick as possible. For steroids you want a high and stable blood level.


Look at the first cycle sticky.

500-750mg/week Test cyp/enanthate for 10 weeks, divided into 2 weekly shots
Frontload with a gram the first week

Adex .25mg EOD to start, adjust as needed

cheaper alternative to GH that I like is GHRP-6.... it is also not a controlled substance. If either of those factors is of concern to you.

I use less than suggested on here (125mcg before bed, and on workout days post workout as well so many days I just have one dose), and I notice a nice effect as far as recovery time and sleep. I also feel like my joints are more stable and like I am less likely to tear shit loose.

2-3 times per day is best. It also creates a faster and higher peak in GH than HGH, which is good.

The hunger is over rated. I get hungry, but not like people have described.

Honestly I wouldn't worry about that right now though, just run test only for a first cycle.


Thanx Bigg,
If I decide to go with just test, which is what Im thinking.. Can I get good results with just 10 weeks 250/ml el?
and if so aside from nolva and chlomid for pct should I use hcg or will I be fine without it?


x2 what everyone else is suggesting, go with 500 mg/week split into two shots. You don't need hCG with your PCT, it is used during your cycle to keep your testicles from atrophying but is not necessary IMO for a cycle of 10 weeks.