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First Cycle. Tbol Only

Hi Guys

This will be my first cycle it will be tbol only, I have 100 tabs 25mg each was gonna run 50mg ed till run out, I have some got some cycle assist and pct xtreme along with some clomid, any tips? I have been working out for over a year, no idea how much muscle I have put on because I lost a LOT of weight but I get complemented on my arms and chest so…doing ok, would appreciate any advice. I am 40 years old

Thanks in advance

No Idea about max bench but normal benchpress sets are

182 x12
176 x12
170 x12

Im 178lbs 5’7’’

Advice is you are probably NOT READY!!!

You should probably be deadlifting and squating more because you did not mention them.

Great work on your bench and weight loss though.

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