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First Cycle; Take the Journey with Me


Ok well as title says this is gonna be my first cycle! I am super excited and and am gonna log the whole thing on here for everyone to see. First off I am 30 years old been training for over 15 years I weight 177lbs rite now. my cycle will consist of sustanon 250 at 500mg per week taken in two doses of 250mg on Monday and 250 on Thursday. this will be a 10 week cycle. I will take 250 iu of hcg once a week for the duration as well as have nolva on hand for gyno as well as for my PCT which will be 40/40/20/20 3 weeks after last shot.

I will post a before pic soon and record progress as best I can. I am open to suggestions and helpful insight please don't respond or follow if you have nothing nice to say plz and thank you! LETS DO IT!!!


how tall are you?