First Cycle T-Propinate Questions

Hey! I’m currently on my first cycle and wanted to document and possibly discuss my experience instead of just reading past posts.

I am 3 weeks in into my 6 week cycle using Test Propinate eod 100mg.

My stats are 25, 170, 6’0 and I am already seeing great gains in size and strength. I’m currently at 183 lbs.

I am using arimidex .25 ml eod and having no side effects that are super visible.

Main issue is the pip. Damn does it hurt… but always goes away after two days in each spot.

Did anyone notice feeling thicker in terms of definition due to water rention. My abs are not very defined.

Also, for PCT I’m using Nolvadex and I’m doing 40/30/20/10 and just wanted to know how many days should pass until I begin.


Ouch! Prop works well but it stings PIP like a motherfucker, as you now know.
I seem to get headaches from it, and by the time the PIP goes from the last shot you are ready for your next shot, so you will be in pain all the time on cycle.
Prop not usually a good choice for most people to do their first cycle, because of the aforementioned reasons. Thats why I use long estered test for most of the cycle, sometimes I might use prop in the last 2 or 3 weeks of a cycle whilst the long estered steroids are getting washed out of my system.

Prop gives good gains and a high sex drive too, but I feel more of a hit to sex drive when doing pct.

3 days Prop will be out of your system and you could start pct.

Thank you! Having incredible results and happy with everything. I had to move my injection site to shoulders and had no issues or pip.

I am doing Nolva only for my PCT and I want to know how long and what dosage would be appropriate for a 6 week cycle of Test prop 100 mg/eod?


Use insulin needles and pin the quads. Far away from the knee, man. Flex your quad, pick a good spot, let the pin sit in hot water once you have drawn up your dose, massage the spot where you pin at before you pin, always aspirate, relax muscle and pin slow! Wait 25-30 sec after pushing gear before you pull pin out. Massage hard after pinning. Dude, I do these steps, and virtually no pip but I got good prop and other gear. Also, ya gotta use the long pins.