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First Cycle- Sustanon


Hi guys, I've been a long member of Tmuscle but this is my first time posting to the Steroids Forum. I plan to do a cycle in the near future, but am not in any kind of hurry so I'd like to get my cycle/pct down before continuing.

Some background. I am 26 years old, currently 175lbs at 5'7.5" at about 12%BF. I have been off the training for a couple months and am normally sitting at 185lbs at 10%BF. I have been training since I was 16 years old, but not with true consistency. I really began training hard and heavy in 2006 when I graduated college. I have experienced with Westside, Waterbury, and Wendler to name a few. My most recent lifts are as follows:

Flat bench: 275x5
Deadlift: 425x5
Squat: 285x6
Press: 175x3

My main purpose in starting a cycle is to propel my body past where I found to be my sticking point, which was two months ago at 195 lbs @10%. I plan to return to that weight before I start my cycle.

I did a blood test this week and here are the main points. Please let me know if I should include any other information.

Test, Serum: 586
Estradiol: 31.9
FSH, Serum: 8.0
LH, S: 8.3

My Free testosterone was not included in the test. At 26, I was shocked that my test was that level. I expected it to be higher at my age. Should this be of concern before starting a cycle? Second, My E2 is high, which I plan to address as well. On to the proposed cycle.

10-week cycle

Weeks 1-10
Sustanon 250: 250mg 2x/week (500mg total ew). Pharm grade, made from Organon.

Weeks 3-11
HCG: 250iu 2x/week (500iu total ew)
I've read two arguments if this should be done during cycle or towards the end, and I like the idea of maintaining function through the cycle best. How do you guys feel about this? And should I start the first week, or is the third week good? Is it okay to mix HCG with the Sust so I only have to inject 2x/week instead of 4x/week and can it be done the same day, etc? I am continuing through week 11 because it must be stopped two weeks before test clearance, which is 3 weeks for Sustanon.

Weeks 1-10
Arimidex: 0.5mg every day (3.5mg ew)
Originally I was worried about dropping E2 too low since 500mg/week test is not a high dose so I was going to do 0.25mg EOD. But after seeing my blood results of E2 being 31.9, I feel a higher dose is necessary. I read that E2 is optimal in the low 20's. How much higher can I expect my E2 to increase during cycle?

I also read that 0.5mg Arimidex per day can reduce E2 up to 50%. I hope that this will put me in the low 20's. Also, is it good to take it from Day 1? I am also unsure what week to stop, continue through PCT?

I plan to have both Nolva and Clomid on hand in case issues of gyno appear. What dosages are used to alleviate this and are there any other uses for them during cycle?

PCT to start 3 weeks after last Sustanon injection:

I have found two options.

1st option:
Week 1: Clomid 100mg ED, Nolva 40mg ED
Week 2: Clomid 50mg ED, Nolva 40mg ED
Week 3/4: Clomid 50mg ED, Nolva 20mg ED
Taper as necessary? Should I taper further? How do I decide? I understand there are some benefits to each, so why not take advantage of both? Although I am weary of the emotional side effects of Clomid (not depressed, just don't wanna be a pussy).

2nd option:
Basic Nolva PCT: 40/40/20/20
Further taper necessary?

Other concerns:
I don't hear too much on the concern for MPB, but I do believe it runs in my family. My mother's father was not bald, but he was balding and had thin hair/receding hairline. Would a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor be used such as Proscar? What would the guidelines be? I'm not sure if I should use it from the start or wait for signs to appear (not to fond of that idea- i love my hair). Any side effects?
A friend of mine who is a veteran had mentioned Proviron, although I believe Arimidex will be better option. Is there something else to Proviron that I'm overlooking?

Thank you all for your replies.


If it runs in the family, gear can bring hairloss on very easily. If you want to keep your hair I would suggest the following:

Stay away from proviron!

You have two good choices cycle wise as far as I can see.

1) Your posted cycle + finasteride 1mg per day, you should start this from day one.
2) Nandrolone decanoate or better yet, phenylproprionate as the main cycle with a small dosage of test to keep the old man working. A lot of people may disagree with this amount of test, but if keeping your hair is no.1 priority, then it is the way to go. If you are sensitive, even test can set your hair off

Nandrolone is far and away the safest steroid for your hair. Primo and Var can be good choices, but some people do have problems even with them, both are DHT derived.

I've never seen anyone lose hair with nandrolone, just make sure its genuine.


Thanks for the reply MG. I will stay away from Proviron, as I've also read that it is basically DHT.

I will have to stick with your first suggestion- my original plan of using Sustanon plus Finasteride. As of now, all I have at my resources is Sust 250. Also, I thought that pure Test is typically suggested for a first cycle.

So to summarize,
Week 1-10: Test 500mg EW + Finasteride 1mg ED

Do you or anyone have suggestions regarding my E2 and if Arimidex @0.5mg ED is appropriate?


That squat number?

Injury related?


My squat is definitely my weak area and is not due to an injury. Basically a lack of trying to go heavy for the first several years of my training. I'm definitely working on it supplementing with front squats, GHRs, and prowlers. It just naturally never been a strong point for me, unlike my deadlifting.


Estrogen levels are an individual thing, some people don't need any estrogen control, others absolutely require it. You'll only know once you are on. If its pharma arimidex then it may be too much, but like I said its individual. You'll just have to adjust the dosage as you need to. And if you are going with sust, you should hit it 3x per week if possible.


I think getting that number will go a long way to break a plateau


You mean the Sust 3x per week or the Arimidex 3x per week?


The sust


Sust@750mg/week? You don't think 500mg/week is enough?


Smaller doses more frequently. No one said use 750