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First Cycle. Sustanon Only. PCT HELP.


So, I'm planning to do a 10 week Sustanon Cycle. Although it is considered low, I only plan to inject 1 Ampoule/week. I've read through forums about the EOD, twice a week, once a week pinning etc. to take advantage of the esters and I feel fine with using this low of a dose first.

My concern is my PCT protocol. I plan to use Nolva 3 weeks after my last pinning. 20/20/40/40/20/20. I would be glad to receive suggestions from the experienced users as I am new to the whole thing.

Should I bother using an AI during the cycle?
Is Nolva enough as PCT to this cycle?
What are your suggestions?

Age: 25
Years lifting: 5
Height: 5'5" (Yes, I'm a fckn manlet.)
Weight: 155 lbs.

All help will be much appreciated, bros! Thank you guys in advance!