First Cycle, Sustanon 250, Feedback Would Help

So I have done countless research before starting, and yes, I do agree I am not 100 percent knowledgeable, but before I get flamed, forums are to ask questions, that we don’t have answers to, but I also respect all opinions.

Stats: 25 years, 170lbs, 5’10, Exercising for 2 years, got to skinny, so I gain a lil bit of weight, so I can bulk up

So I started my first cycle, sustanon 250, couldn’t get Test E…
as it seems everyone thinks its the best to start with

Also, i took my 3rd shot.

500mg a week, one shot a week…should it be 250mg EOD

my diet is good, calories consume a day are about 2,500 - 3,000

gym 6 times a week, cardio daily, 20 minutes before, 20 minutes after ( tredmill/stairmaster)

i have gone up on lifting weight, and my shoulders seem a lil bit bigger
i also take jack3d or my. hyde for pre-work out supplement

any other advice that i should be doing or not doing while on this cycle would help

ok, so don’t get sensitive because you are about to be critiqued to be polite. Yet sust should be at least three times a week pin.

second …EAT HO. thats skinny kid food and you are trying to gain muscle MASS. EAT!!! you need at least 4000 a day, but it needs to be high protein.

If you dont know how to make a diet plan let us know, because that is more important than your juice. 500mg is a good first cycle dose, but you need an AI, like arimidex(anastrozol) .25 eod

please get this fixed bro because you are too young to be messing up a cycle and messing up your body, but if you fix this you will gain

oh yeah, QUIT RUNNING.

You are a skinny guy, and you are burning all your muscles fuel on running. you can’t do that 40 min a day??? WTF bro…QUIT IT
skinny guys don’t need to get skinnier

so don’t take this shit personal, you are learning, and if you get it right you will reap the rewards

Thanks for the advice, I will def take all this into consideration.

I am also on my first cycle of sus. I use 1/2cc every other day. 5 weeks in. I to have gotten way stronger and am definatly looking a lot bigger. However i’m not gaining weight because even though I am eating a lot. My physical output at work and the gym cause me to burn more calories then I can consume. So my advice is, if you want to put on size cut down on cardio and eat more. Good luck.