First Cycle: Sust-Dbol

Bro. So you got solid advice from multiple people on here who have been doing this for a long time, all telling you to run just test and cut the Arimidex dose way down. And you decide to go ahead and add one of the harshest compounds available (Deca)?? You obviously don’t actually want any help, you came here hoping to get confirmation that your uninformed, dangerous and irresponsible first cycle protocol is fine. Well it isn’t, and no one looking out for your best interest will tell you it is. Good luck man. I’m done wasting my time with you.

If you have a look at this post it was posted before anyone commented on my other post and was a mistake however I can’t seem to delete the post if you read the comments… thanks for your reply though! I made the other post before this because I didn’t mean to add in the Decca, it was copy and pasted from another website just forgot to take the deca out … Again, hence the new post I made…

First cycle was test 300 and gained like 8-12 lbs of lbm in 10 weeks. Listen to this guy Iron_yuppie, he’s active on here and knows what he’s talking about.


I’m going to chime in along with everyone here in saying Test only cycle. This isn’t NASCAR it’s a turtle race. Do shit safely and you won’t regret it when you’re 40 and have bitch tits. You may be thinking, “test isn’t going to do much” Test at 500mg ramps your total T levels to 2000+. Your natural t levels are probably around 650-700. You will if you run a test only cycle and diet right gain around 8-10lbs of LBM. You will get leaner, and you will gain mass. Adding in more compounds isn’t going to result in you looking like Hercules in 12 weeks. You will get extremely similar results so please for your bodies sake run only test. more sides is never a good thing! Good luck and keep us posted because your health is important to us even if you’re a random person.


Great reply thanks!

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