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First Cycle, Sus or Test E?

Stats 21 (I know people will say too young) personal choice okay.
(182lbs at 5ft 7"

Debating over a sustanon 250 or Test E cycle.
2 pins of test at 250-300mg each pin
Or 200mgs Sus EOD
12 week cycle. I’m running an AI by BPI sports
For the 8 weeks. Not sure if I can get my hands on HCG.
But I’ll be running Clomid for my PCT at least alon with an
OTC PCT and natural test boosters etc (my normal supp stack
Other than gear) M-Stak. Sterol complex. ZMA etc.

Just wanting to hear anyone elses views on Test E or Sus.
Oh an 14% BF going to cut down to 10-12% before
Beginning my cycle.
Will be running 3-6 weeks of winstrol towards the End.
Most likely to be weeks 8/9.

Just any tips really. I do plan on getting Nolva on hand too.

id def do test e and frontload it. the run the win from weeks 8 to 14