First Cycle, Suggestions?

Hi all,

Ive been waiting Soooooo long to find a forum like this. Heres my stats before we start:

Age: 20
Weight: 200
Height: 5 6"
Bfat: 12%

Been wanting to do a cycle for quite a while but thought i was a little young.
I have been researching for a while and know quite a bit on the AAS’s such as test, tren, deca, stan, dbol etc.

My goal is about 14lbs of lean mass with no water retention.

From what i have read, tren sounds amazing but i would like other peoples opinions and maybe some experiences.

Sample cycles would be Great.


In my opinion you are too young. I would research more and make sure this is the route you want to go. I would try strong dieting and training before heading towards AAS. Do what you can naturally to try and get close to that genetic maximum and AAS will help you pass that mark.

What would you say the correct age to start at is?

I have been training quite a while now and in my first two years I was stunned at the results. I got Hooked!

But now it just seems like Ive hit a wall.
I feel I need something to push me along that little bit quicker

The bare minimum is considered by most to be 21. Unfortunatly everyone matures at different times and you may not have sexually matured 100% yet and some males dont til their early-mid 20’s.

You run the possibility of limiting yourself later in life. I agree with the advice above, maybe just change your routine and see what you can do for now.

So many guys are looking speed up what God gave them. Problem is it takes years and years to build a body. To learn the proper way to lift for size, strength, sports performance or whatever your goals are.

Sure teens will grow bigger and stronger on gear than off it but they are missing the point sometimes. There is no substitute for years of blood, sweat and tears in the gym. There is no substitute for understanding how to feed the machine.

I too vigorously encourage any potential gear head to have 5 solid years of lifting under his belt and be several years past where the body is still in the post-pubecent stage. Personally I’d been lifting 15 years and was 29 when I first used exogenous Test. Granted that’s longer than might be necessary, but I assure you I was tapped out genetically.

Thanks every1. I will take all of your advice on board. If I do go through with a cycle, I will keep you posted and will definately let you know whats happening step by step.

Thanks again. Much appreciated