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First Cycle: Strength

I am having some trouble deciding exactly what I want to do for my first cycle. My goal is solely strength gains, although slight muscle increase is acceptable.

I know I want some sort of test in there, im planning about 300-400 mg/week

But the problem im having is deciding on what is the best oral to add on top of that. What is the best option, I was thinking var, but as I look at other things, it seems that proviron , halotestin and some others are also valid options.

Also on top of this I would prefer substances with shorter clearance times due to drug testing - if possible

Any input is much appreciated

Do not use halo. Stick with a long estered test at about 500mg/week and add in tbol if you are going for strength without much bloat. Using adex during cycle will also help in this aspect.

I should note that the tbol is only a kickstart, first six weeks at most.

It depends on what you can get. Because you are training primarily for strenght I would choose more anabolic than androgenic as you want more protection for your tendons. In the gym I work out most powerlifters are high on deca and short on test until meets.

As for orals I would say var from experience, but getting real var is difficult to get. And, if you do get it the price for a good cycle (20mg to 30 and up) will be higher than say if you got dbol.

The goals of powerlifting and bodybuilding are different…bloat for the powerlifter is good.

You want strength? There’s one oral that comes to mind when you say you want strength… Anadrol.

I realize deca would be a good choice, but the clearance times are just too long.

Isnt there a lot of water retention from drol? or would lower doses not hold as much water?

If you’re worried about water retention try out some Winstrol perhaps? Strength gains are quite exceptional on that, and almost all of the gains are dry.

You could just stick to 300-400mg test a week but some good Dbol at 30mg a day is a lot of fun. Great for strength.

Test, deca and dbol are all that the powerlifters here use. I said it before, for the powerlifter bloat is good.