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First Cycle Starting w/ Sus250 and........


..I'm trying to figure out what kind of stack would be ideal for my goals.

Here's my info:
27yrs, 190lbs, 6'3.
I started out '09, 175lbs and ate my way to where I'm at now my body fat is 10%. I've been training for 4 yrs off and on always been a hard gainer. I'm on a 4000-4500 cal diet and i feel this is the time to go to the next level. I'm looking to put on 20+ lbs, hopefully +!

Is 250mg a week the best bet for a newb? If stacked, with what and what dosage? Is winny a good option? Is it a 100% smart idea to get nova or others like it. While I've done my research, I'm still unsure and growing impatient, I want to do this right! I know how many weeks and proper intramuscular sites. So before I take a jab put me in the fight with a good chance.

Thank you to all that decide to answer and give advice to someone that might have been you at one point!


190 pounds at 6'3 is borderline anorexic.

EDIT: Most of us were never you at one point. We have the ability to read the information that is already on this forum and many other sources across the net, without ever having to make a thread to ask very basic questions. Don't attempt to use pity to get help.


Ha check out the other thread with the guy whos 6'3 168 at the start.

But yea OP I doubt you are eating 4000 calories.

And I do not believe that you have done enough research if you have to ask if it is necessary to have "nova or something like it".


6'3 and 168? That's impossible. I must have missed that thread.


I suggest you stack Potatoes oatmeal steak and chicken with some creatine.

Then stack deadlifts squats dips and pullups, do a 6 month nonstop cycle with this and then read the stickies.


As far as looking for pity or not being able to utilize the info thats present I definately don't have any of those problems but, I can see how maybe it was your leg day and you didn't have much blood going to ur brain.

As far as other ppl doubting whether I eat the amount that I do. MMaybe I should've provided more info. that 190lbs was from the last time i weighed my self maybe 1month 3 weeks ago. I'm pobably at least 3- 5lbs heavier than that. Still nothing amazing but I train hard.

I just wanted insite on personal information like whether or not certain aas's are better on your joints or if stack winny w/ sus was a good move for a beginner. But, finally if my concerns are too trivial for you why bother saying anything. Thanx for the motivation


NYC, your posting doesn't really indicate that you've done a great deal of research, so being flamed ever so slightly comes with the territory. Thicken up, it's the interwebs. And yes, some people certainly have more trouble than others making gains, but usually when they break down their diets for us, the calories are far below their estimation. Changing training style is another issue that usually needs to be considered. Not saying that it's the case with you, but odds are you diet and routine could use at least a bit of tweaking.

250 mg / wk is a very low dose. While every now and then someone posts about doing great on 300 mg / wk test, more often than not, that's just too low a dose. Read the stickies and learn about ancillaries (AI + hCG on cycle, SERM post-cycle being the most common way of proceeding).

As for winstrol, well, I like to mix it in every now and then depending on my goals and how I've mapped out my year. Your goal, though, should simply be mass accumulation, so it's neither ideal nor necessary. I'd use dbol before winstrol if I were you... assuming you become educated as to AI use.


Actually 250mg of Testosterone will give any steroid novice perfectly good results, but the thing is it is JUST as suppressive as higher doses are.. and it is the least you would use for enhancement.

If you use nearer 500mg you will get significantly better results, with a disproportionate (favourable) increase in side effects.


This is exactly what I needed!! When researching you don't always look in the right places or ask the right questions. And yes I do know that newbs tend to be redundant, I understand. And I am making myself more knowledgeable familiarizing myself with the intramuscular sites and proper usage of things.

I'll post some pics so you guys ca see where i stand and where i'm going.

And J-J your persective is dually noted, one of my concerns were the side effect and the amount of mg's. Your insight is about save me alot of time.


Im on week six of my sustanon 250 2x weekly, wed. and sunday. I kick started the cycle with 50 mg of d bol daily for 5 weeks. Ill run winstrol at the end of my cycle with the reg PCT's. Ive gained fourteen pounds but that fluctuates 4 - 5 pounds at each training session. I hope youd run dianabol instead of winstrol at your size. Good luck NYC, I have made great gains in mass and at the gym, it is also my first cycle, and ill post the measurement results at the end of week 8. Also document your measurements and goals at the gym so you can line those up and push past the records you have


NYC: In that case let me clarify a little. I can only tell you what happens for me and those who i have spoken to while trusting their judgement..

~250mg will give a noticeable increase in size and probably strength.. nothing crazy but noticeable by you certainly. You may notice nipple sensitivity and will gain a little water in the face but nothing worth concern.
~500mg will give you big size and probably strength too (i say this as i notice little from many AAS in the strength dept. but then again i don't look for it either), you will gain much more water and you may develop gyno.
~750mg will give further increases in size and strength.. not as big as the jump from 250-500mg but close. However the increase in sides is nowhere near as large.. with estrogen not causing many more problems for this dose than ~500mg doses..
~1000mg will give some more size and strength but not much - noticeably more side effects are likely to occur however.

With all doses you are likely to experience some increase in acne - if you got acne bad as a kid, you are likely to suffer on AAS too IME.
If you didn't you may get small white heads.. cant say where it depends.. but usually back, arms, chest, arse..
I find doses over 250mg increase depression some - but that is something i choose to accept and is most certainly not something i could say will or will not happen.

As i said, these are absolutely subjective comments and your experience will differ.. although it is highly unlikely to differ vastly IME.



Do not use sustonon 250 for your first time. If you do, use it at a minimum every other day. Don't insult some of the people hear when they give you legitamate, if not a little sarcastic opinion. If you are going to do this, take 500 mgs of test cypionate or test enenthate a week. so, take 250mgs every 3-4 days... Look up arimidex/anastrazol, tamoxifen citrate, HCG, and other important information.


just giving the guy my experiences on a first sust 250 cycle


I know i saw that just after i posted yesterday and i forgot to amend my post - sorry bud. :wink:


I went and did my homework and I appreciate the info that was put out. I am going to do sus and winnty stack through the advice of trusted ppl and I've done my research as far as how safely can I make my transition without hurting myself. I'm looking into letro any words onn that?


I used sus 250 for my first cycle, i did 8 weeks and gained 25 lbs and gained no body fat despite only using an hcg as pct.


I laughed my ass off when you said this and I had to tell someone. Funny stuff but true nonetheless. So I have, stacked chicken, rice, fish, and lean beef cuts.


You were a good motivator, I made some minor mistakes with site rotation and support gear for the gear that somewhat hindered my development but, my results are solid from weight and strength. D-bol and Sus weren't bad at all. Next time I'll run everyhing without fail. Well I got a 6month wait.