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First Cycle. Should I Add Dbol in the Last Couple Weeks?

I started my first cycle about 4 weeks ago. 400mg of test e per week 2 shots per week Monday and Thursday. No side effects so far. Have gained a fair bit of size and strength so far but was wondering if I could add Dbol for the last 4 weeks of cycle when things start to taper down. Or should I just stick to test my first cycle.

TRT or PCT guy?

You definitely could, its just not necessary. Are you peaking for something? Or just curious to see what dbol will do for you? Id suggest test only this time, then you have something to compare to for next time.

I haven’t peaked out just yet but I hear you peak out in between week 8 and week 10 and I’m doing 12 weeks. And I’m more curious what Dbol will do for me. And just extend the gains during that later time in the cycle when I do peak out.

I’m doing a PCT with HCG and Nolva.

I meant as in for a powerlifting meet or some other comp. Its up to you but id wait until your second cycle so you know what results are from the test only and then you can compare the difference dbol makes on the next cycle

One option would be start it your last couple weeks and through your “off period” before PCT. Dbol clears your system quickly, it’s half life is only 4-6 hours. This could assist with retention of your gained mass.

Thank you guys both for your input . I’ll consider running Dbol at the end but I think I might just stay with test my first cycle. On my next cycle is there any best time to start Dbol during cycle?