First Cycle - Should I Abort?

So I’m about to start week 3 of my first cycle. The first week of my cycle I pulled a rotator cuff muscle (it would appear). I decided it was time for a break so took 2 weeks off. I still have aggravation in my rotator cuff - I can still work out, just not 100%. I spoke to a personal trainer who suggested I take 2 weeks off from upper body and use “band” training or bodyweight training - not what I wanted to hear. I have NO experience w/injuries in the weight room. Would it be best to heed the advice of the personal trainer or use lighter weights w/slower cadence. I think I’m going to take some more time off.

If I decide to 86 the upper body weights for ~2 weeks; any opinions on how I should go about resuming my cycle? I’m considering reducing my dosage from 500mg/week to ~250 over a 2 week period then when I feel I’m fully healed, go back in the weight room. It’s worth noting I’m on TRT anyway.

I’m hoping that only being in the gym for 1 out of 4 weeks won’t have much consequence on my muscle mass.

Again, I have NO experience w/injuries after 10-1/2 years of lifting weights so any opinions appreciated. Is this worth seeing a doctor about?

Maybe this would be a good time to cut some bodyfat.

I say quit now. Recovery will be easy, and you can get back on the horse once you are recovered 100%.

You’re spending thousands on drugs and food. You might as well make the most of it during the 6 - 8 weeks you’re on cycle.

Thanks for the feedback DOHCrazy. In asking around, it sounds like the consensus is I should abort the cycle. This really sucks =>/

I’m thinking I should take another 2 weeks off to see where I’m at. Do y’all think that’s a pretty reasonable amount of time to start with.

In the interest of being better prepared next time; I’m currently at 20% bodyfat give or take. I’ve been told this is very high to start a cycle. Any opinions on the bf range that you should be before starting a cycle would be appreciated.

I’m thinking about cutting, but I don’t want to lose too much muscle. Any recommendations on how to make this lemon into lemonade?

If you’re at 20% bodyfat you should be able to lose fat and preserve muscle just with TRT and good diet/trainign alone.

What are your stats? Height weight?

5’ 9.25" 187 (33" jeans FWIW)

some upper body stats: flat db bench - 95’sx 9
pullups - 9
My bis and tris have been preexhausted lately when I’ve done them so no recent data there.

I work my lower body but I don’t give it the full attention it may deserve.

I missed the part about you being on TRT. In that case, you don’t have to recover in the same fashion.

I’d wait for those that have more experience with blast and cruise type situations.

“blast and cruise” - type of cycle right? I’ll read up on that. Thanks.

The advice wasn’t too bad for once from the trainer.

Rehab it before it gets to a point you cant do shit.

BTW a ‘doctor’ is one of the least qualified persons to consult regarding a soft tissue injury such as yours.

I can tell you NOW that they will prescribe NSAIDs and rest.

The feedback I’ve gotten is great.

Some recommend taking off as long as 6 weeks. That may be the worst case scenario, but do you think I would lose much muscle.

Also, would Test E help in maintaining muscle mass?

Yes the higher levels of test will certainly help you keep your muscle mass up while healing. I would stay on.

So do others agree w/the high test levels and muscle mass retention/anti-catabolic properties maybe.

This is so frustrating, because I am able to lift using good form, I just don’t want to drag this healing out.

I’m thinking give it another 2 weeks, see where I’m at, and make a decision.

I personally have always trained through injuries. I change my routine so that the vector of force isn’t directly applied to the injured part. I wrap the pain up and pound away, albeit intelligently. I’ll grant you that it takes a while longer to heal, but I’m not missing out on my training. However, like DOHCrazy said, on cycle is a great time to make gains… and being in an injured state isn’t conductive to that goal.

But I would definitely seek the advise of a qualified resource.

my two cents