First Cycle, Severe Post Injection Pain

Hey guys so this is my first ever cycle. My stats: proviron, Test E, and adex.
Anyways, I injected in my right glute on Friday of last week, small pip, little uncomfortable.

On Monday I injected into my left glute for the first time, and today as of (Wednesday) my left injection area hurts like a mother f!!!ker. I’ve tried massaging it, taking warm showers, and icing it. Could it be a response to the compounds in my test e? Crystallization? jusy Virgin muscle? Nerve damage? Any ideas ?

Update: 5 days later and the knot and the pain went away. Give it that time if you made sure you followed all of the steps! Sterile vial too and correct equipment, location, etc. if not, make sure to have your spot checked out if you didn’t see what I said.

So at 250mg/ml your concentration isn’t crazy high. The higher concentration gear hurts more. Also if its UGL they could be heavy on the BA to be on the safe side. Point being is it happens and isn’t anything to be super concerned about. If it keeps happening to the point of misery you may want to try to source other test.

Is the site of injection raised, warm or reddened?

If so, perhaps post a picture if you’re comfortable

I injected into my shoulder yesterday on Wednesday and today as of Thursday, there’s a small amount of soreness (maybe cause it’s virgin muscle)

My glute injection hurts way worse, it’s like almost immobilized my left leg.

My stuff is from syntholan technologies

Virgin muscles are going to hurt for a bit. Being new to injecting, you should look at sticking to the quads.

Lol, I hope your joking(wicked sense of humour)
Zeb, Quads are the most painful area to inject for PIP. You won’t be able to straighten your leg, and walking will be a killer. Worst PIP ever, don’t do it.

Does your vial show a breakdown of ingredients on the side? If so what are they?

I never Injected into my quad. I did it into my glute and I have a huge knot there now

Alright, it appears to be merely an adverse injection site reaction, I get the same when BA is present, with UGL product sometimes BA content is higher than specified. Primoteston in Aus doesn’t contain BA, sustanon contains a fair amount… that + propanoic acid… I do not react well. Pic was a bit revealing, in future if you have quealms of this nature feel free to email me, such pics shouldn’t be posed on an online forum as they’re slightly too revealing.

Im no expert but I can spot an abcess/cellulitis/ other serious adverse reactions fairly well by eye

Here’s what I advise however, draw a ring around the site with pen and/or perm marker if you don’t mind having a ring on you’re ass for a while (don’t wash it off)… look daily, if the irritated area grows visibly larger than the ring, see a doctor

If you develop fever, chills, nausea or the area becomes significantly raised, red and warm… see a doctor.

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I know you injected into your glute, just warning you if you think the glutes bad, just wait until you try the quads. I seriously wouldn’t follow Newbvets advice on this one. In general glutes tolerate pain much better than quads, I think he was funning with you, like a bad uncle.

Agree with Unreal, your gear looks pretty standard, with no fancy chemicals that are the usual culprits for PIP in some individuals. I used to think BA was a problem, but I have used pharmaceutical grade test with 10% BA, and no PIP . People can react differently to the same chemicals.