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First Cycle Self-Education

Hello all. I am in the process of researching for a first cycle. Input appreciated/ flame away

27 yrs
lifting 2x week since high school(sports in high school) last 2 yrs seriously (every day)
170 lbs
15 % bodyfat
225 bench, 355 dead, 285 squat

reguardless of my lifts, which are shit I know, I’ll be starting a cycle whenever I stabilize at 170 lbs and 10-12% bodyfat- whenever that comes. I realize I have not hit my genetic potential, but I’m greedy. Direct questions are at the bottom.

6 weeks of Test E, 500mg/w @ 250mg x 2 (mon & thurs)

first injection 600 mgs frontload
250 mg twice weekly thereafter

Arimidex .25mg EOD, up to .5mg if gyno/bloat

2 weeks after last inj, nolva 40/40/20/20

I may stretch this to 8 weeks of injections if I haven’t hit my goals by 6 weeks.

  • Why haven’t I heard more about aromasin @ 10mg EOD for AI? thought this was > a-dex w/class 1’s
  • I’ve heard of using HCG for faster recovery on longer cycles. for my purpose, is it advantageous in any way?
  • How can I use hormonal panels or trips to the doc to my advantage? anything other than to make sure a full recovery has been made?

Thanks for stopping in, and for any advice or corrections

My advice? Don’t bother.


Test E for 6 weeks is pointless. Do more research You seem very adamit on starting a cycle which is a problem. I’m not one to preach you need to be at your genetic peak cause really you’ll never know when you’re there. You do lack a lot of muscle mass for someone you’re height. You should try a year with proper diet and training. And I don’t mean a diet you put together. Pay someone, which will be less than a cycle, and do it properly first.

If you don’t have that in check you will lose everything from your cycle. Now there’s a good chance you won’t give 2 cents on what we have to say, so if you do choose to go ahead and do it, test E for 10-12 weeks at 500mg is a good first cycle. Adex at .25 EOD and Nolva 14 days after last pin at 40/40/20/20 will suffice. But I agree with CS. You got work to do. Which will only benefit you.

Thank you… I have someone with a great background to put together a diet for me… I feel like I do pretty good with that but still I dont know why i’ve never thought to ask her.

It will be at least 6 months before I’m in the shape I want to be in before I start this. once I stablilize at 170, I’ll be also doing a lot of conditioning work to acclimate my body to my hobbies. after that I’ll be ready to put on some more weight. maybe it is my diet, I really battle trying to keep my weight above 160-165. I dont eat fast food more than 1x week, or soda, or any form of junk food. I havent had a candy bar in 6 months probably.

I eat basically the same foods daily, usually a glass of milk, 4-5 pieces turkey bacon 3 eggs and 1/2 cup oatmeal for breakfast, shake mid morning, chicken breasts or fish and some carbs/greens for lunch, work out, then another shake, and usually a lean steak, or some other form of lean meat for dinner with a v8. I’ll start taking a log and see exactly what I’m getting daily.

I just want to start gaining as much knowledge as I can before I get there. partially because my situation will allow for me to pick up what I need, but I’ll have to do that in about two months and hang on to it until its time.

I hear ya on the length of the cycle. I guess what I’m thinking there is if I have goals of 15 - 20 lean pounds, and cannot advertise too greatly what I’m doing due to my job, a frontloaded 6 or 8 week first cycle would be more ideal. Test prop and some 2 week on 2 week off would be even better for my situation, but everything i’ve read has said stick with a test E only cycle to see how your body responds. am I thinking right about these things?

I’m not sure where my genetic potential is, but I am a smaller framed guy. I have 6 1/4" wrists and weighed about 140 lbs as a junior in high school. where would you reccomend I be weightwise at my height before I consider this?

Your diet needs 2 more meals for sure. Every person is different with how they gain etc but I gained 50 pounds since being a senior in high school. That’s where I pretty much sat for a while. I’m sure I could of got more but decided it was time after a lot of research. It’s really hard to say where you should be at but I’d say at least 180-190.

Try switching your workout regime every 6-8 weeks. Keep a log of every set you do and each week up your weights by at least 5 pounds. Your body will adapt but you need to push it cause when you’re on you’ll be pushing it even harder. 2 on 2 off might sound better but you don’t get the same gains as you would off a 8-12 week cycle.

turkey bacon, chicken breasts, lean steaks…

there’s your problem mate. Embrace fats for the sweet gooey muscle building ingredients they are

[quote]rds63799 wrote:
turkey bacon, chicken breasts, lean steaks…

there’s your problem mate. Embrace fats for the sweet gooey muscle building ingredients they are[/quote]

Some carbs will help too…since he only listed carbs at breakfast, that could be a problem.

Definitely not ready for gear.

I have a workout log, but i’ve been switching routines every 4 months or so right now- with a new split, I’ll do 2 months at 4-5 sets of 10-12 then two months at a pyramid of 8-10, 6-8, 4-6 and last set 2-4 then switch up the routine.

my nutrient proportions could be way off… maybe carbs are low. I havent logged diet in at least 6 months, I’ll try that and take it to my friend with the degree in nutrition and dietetics to make sure I get that hashed out correctly