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First Cycle, Second Attempt


HI Guys and Girls
this will be my first cycle but second attempt at 1
My first attempt I ran a test cyp 500 mg weekly 2 shots
after the 3rd week i was struck down wit severe headaches
I kinda have the headaches under control now so im trying again 2 years later
This time im running d bol 40 mg daily and test e 500 mg weekly 1 shot
gonna run the d bol for 4 weeks and the test for 10 weeks
I am 5 9 in height 82 kilo
looking 2 build shear muscle mass and strength
eating big and clean 5 litres of water daily
im 1 week into d bol and had my first jab yesterday 500 mg
first week of d bol i ran 30 mg but i upped 2 40 this week
i will get nolva 4 pct and start on week 12
any tips or that would b much appreciated
swole is the goal size is the prize haha


I suggest splitting your Test E shots into 2 pins a week. This will help to keep your levels steady. If you pin every 7 days you are getting towards the end of the half life when you pin again. If you do twice a week, your gear will peak at different times and your test levels should be more elevated and even.


thanks for taking the time to read my add and reply 2 me
i did the 2 pins the last time
i must pick up more barrels and pins
since it was the first week i can have it as a front loader and split the next 1s
i taught test e had a half life of 3 weeks so i didn think it b much of a big deal 2 do once or twice .
Iv also been told i dont need an a i with my gear being such low dose
I think i should get my nolva early just 2 have on hand and 2 use 4 pct



“Kind of have your headaches under control”? Heard you don’t need an AI?

In those 2yrs you should’ve been far more prepared to run this cycle then you are now

On cycle your BP will most likely raise a bit which will contribute to your headaches; especially if you don’t manage your E2.

Maybe your head will feel swole and your prize can be learning to not listen to lies

I dunno. This sounds like the making of a mess


so you dont even have a supply of pins?? or an AI? Where do you get your info? I feel bad for even helping out… You need to do some research and plan out a cycle!!! That means making sure you have everything you need before your first pin… I think the only thing getting swole might be gyno boobs. Damn I hate when people don’t put the effort into planning stuff and then get on here… Or they start a cycle they aren’t prepared for and then seek help 3 weeks in… MAKES ZERO SENSE!!!


Also, IF…IF…IF Test E actually had a half life of 3 weeks there wouldn’t be a problem with pinning once a week… Where do you get your information?


DON’T forget that he’s currently off work due to torn muscles in his lower back


wad up lads
thanks 4 taking the time 2 reply
headaches under control as in havent had an atatck in over a year and got 2 main cause after suffering for 10 years plus
i got 20 vials of test 250 e they’re a pharma brand and i researched them thats were i got the 3 week half life
the dude i got the test off only gave me 10 barrel’s and handful of pins
i have couple of friends with extra pins and barrels so thats no problem and also were i train i can get nolva or an ai in space of 2 days
Yes im also off work with back injury but does that mean i cant train
u can train around injuries
being bent over lifting blocks 4 9 hours aint gonna help lower none
but im also going back next week
had a nice weeks hol :slight_smile:


my stuff is test 250 e and its a phrama company
I researched them and it says it has a half life of 3 weeks
I have 10 barrels and a handfull of pins which i can get easy
i taught myself i could do once a week with a half life of 3 weeks


not letting anything get in way of my training dude


Just be careful. We may sound harsh but AAS is far too abused by many getting advice from some bro they know
Pinning twice a week on long esthered steroids has been covered over and over. I’m not sure how anyone who has even put the slightest effort into research could’ve missed that
Also, 500mg of anything is not that light of a dose that you should assume you don’t need an AI. I’d assume the opposite
This is just my opinion but I believe your avg untrained slightly out of shape guy heavily converts test to estrogen in today’s world already for many reasons.
Add super physiological amounts of testosterone and you’re going to convert some of that to estrogen
BTW - nolva is not what you need as an AI.
There’s TONS of good info on this forum. Do some reading


thanks again buddy 4 taking time out 2 mail me
I no that nolva isnt an a i but iv been reading on stuff for about 3 or 4 years
Here in Ireland people hardly do any research into what they are taking
i know lads taking 10 years plus and id no more about it than them but since they big and in shape the noobs would take advice there b4 off me of course.lads taking over 10 years and dont even no what a pct is or never done 1 . its ridiculous
I just seen lots of post about ppl having nolva on hand if gyno raises its head
but also seen that nolva takes 14 days 2 work as an a i works straight away
il order some dex 2 day wen i go 2 the gym
i also read countless times that with a long half life that its no prob pinning once a week
il pin twice next week anyways
il just have this week as a front loader
thanks again 4 advice
I dont thjink its harsh advice but i have done a lot of research also b4 going ahead


If anyone is following for progress
I weighed myself today and iv put on just under 3 kilo in 10 days
i only took first shot of test 500mg tuesday which was 3 days ago and iv been taking the d bol 10 days
I will be splitting my shots next week 250 mg on tuesdays and fridays
weights are going up nice
feel shape coming on
no crazy ass pumps like i read about from the d bol
not sure how good the brand i got is but i know my test is top shelf stuff
nut shrinkage this week haha and horny as fuck so something has well kicked in
roll on the next 9 weeks
il keep posted and do some b4 and after pics


You’re taking Dbol and no AI right now. It’s more than likely that 6-7lbs of weight gain is water


dont no if my d bol is mush use 2 b honest
id say a lot of the weight is down 2 diet
Im not bloated what so ever and im drinking up 2 6 litres of water
more you drink less you hold
either way im only running the d bol for 4 weeks
second shot of test dis evening :slight_smile:


Hey people just incase any1 comes by this and wants to no how i am getting on
Training is going good I am nearly finished week 3 of d bol and il be stopping the d bol then and starting week 4 test e this tuesday
i am thinking of adding winny or tren for the last 4 weeks of my cycle
has any1 ever done this b4
as always any comments welcome and advice thanks