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First Cycle ?'s

Ok like i said in another post Im 5’ 10" 190 lbs, 24, looking to bulk up. Im looking into going with a Deca and Winny stack. From what i read the Deca is supposed to act as the building part and the Winny helps to make the muscles hard and more defined. Has anyone tried this stack and if so how was your results?

If your goal is to bulk up then why not look to do test and dbol. Use nolvadex or clomid while on and for post cycle therapy. Although a lot of guys use more, you might want shoot for a total weekly dose of about 800mg/ week one and 600-700mg for the next 7 weeks.

Also read every article pertaining to steroids on this site. It’s just to risky not to

Yeah I’m with scrappy on this one. Most would probably agree that a winny/deca cycle isn’t probably their first choice for a bulk cycle. Personally, I like test/eq/dol or test/tren/dbol cycle for bulking up. I’m about to try a enanthate/eq/anadrol cycle and see how that goes. Just do some more reading and rethink your cycle if you’re lookin to gain some good size.

thanks fellas, ill do some more research on what yall suggested and also see if i can get that. apprecite the help