First Cycle Running Test E, Dbol, and Equipoise

How are you getting this number?
Can you post a shirtless picture?

Didn’t doubt it for a second.

What check ups you getting done?

That’ll be the neurotoxicity of 19nors :wink:

Don’t believe everything Frank says.

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At least that’s some reassurance, wondering who’d look after them in the case of arrest/cardiac arrest.

I had full custody of my kid’s at first but my ex whore fucked a lawyer and got custody but I got a lawyer and got split custody

I didn’t realize I had to explain my personal life in such detail to not be accused of lying

All that aside, would be interested to know what your check ups look like?

You don’t. Actually I think most people would prefer if you didn’t. Especially your kids who may be reading your posts in the future.

Besides, I haven’t posted any comment of my own. I just quoted your posts which often seem to contradict one another.

Well you literally said not to believe me so I don’t know what you expected

My rear delts are finally starting to pop

I love that this guy weights 25lbs less then the guy above

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And my HGH has arrived I’m stoked to get started

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I know this is a stupid question but I can’t find this particular information what size syringes do you use for HGH

Insulin. 31ga needle.
Easy touch has good ones.

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Well am at so I started at 2iu a day for a week then went up to 3iu then 4iu now I’m at 5iu a a day and I feel fucking fantastic the crazy thing is I haven’t really even had time to go to the gym because of life stuff but I have a bench at home with 2 45lb dumbells and a pair of 25s and I am seriously feeling denser and fuller and am steady loosing fat while still eating everything in the house mk677 got nothing on real GH when it comes to appetite stimulation

Why don’t you start a training log so people can follow along instead of rando updates on a thread you started 3 cycles ago.

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Lol truth is I’m not very tech savvy and I tried to start a new log with my second cycle but people just kept commenting on this one