First Cycle Review: Timing and PCT Question

hey guys, so I’ve been researching for almost 2 years, I’m 33 years old and been lifting on and off since I was younger.and finally decided to pull the trigger. The cycle I decided on was 300mg / week of Test E for 12 weeks.

I have on hand:

  • 2 bottles of Test E 250mg/ml
  • 50 x 50mg Clomid
  • 50 x 20mg Nolvadex

I didn’t think I’d need an AI for this dosage, but I am willing to purchase one if you guys insist it would be good that have on hand. I figured having the Nolva in case of Gyno should be enough for this dose.

I also did not purchase HCG, but I am also willing to grab some if everyone feels it’s necessary for PCT. I figured from my research that Clomid and/or Nolva would be enough?

I’m planning to pin 250 Test E E5D, for a weekly total of around 300mg. I did my first pin last Friday and my second one is scheduled tomorrow. Will this protocol be okay for maintaining constant levels?

Lastly I have the Nolva and Clomid on hand for PCT and if need be am willing to buy HCG. Can you guys give some insight on what the best dosage / protocol would be for this. Considering it’s my first time, and at this dosage, do I need to use both of these and taper them down, starting a week after the final injection?

Thanks for any help, I look forward to embarking on this journey and finally pulling the trigger.

First a caveat, haven’t run a cycle, not medical advice, just read a lot.

That said, from what I’ve gathered, pick either clomid or nolva or clomid not both.

You’re just running test so typically start pct 2 weeks after last shot, I’ve even read 3 weeks, but 2 seems pretty standard. I guess the gold standard is 40, 40, 20 20 for mg/day for 4 weeks. Some will add a couple extra weeks at 10mg/day.

For clomid it’s something like 50mg/day for 2 weeks followed by 25mg/day for 2 more, so 50, 50, 25, 25.

What I’d probably do, is the Nolva pct and wait a few months, 3ish, and get blood work doe to check levels, if still not recovered try the clomid to kick start you. I doubt you’ll have to, it’s your first cycle of reasonable length, you should recover fine. If you haven’t, get some pre-cycle blood work to see where you need to recover to.

If you find you’re low, I’d recommend trt, you can make a ton of progress if you get you levels up to high normal. If you hunt around a bit you can get a prescription for 200mg/week and that’s year round. Some will prescribe more, some will prescribe deca and some are just striaght up drug pushers. I’ve seen guys claim prescriptions for 3-400mg test with 200mg deca a week and 50mg anavar a day prescribed, but it’s the internet and people can claim anything, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Also, next time around I’d recommend having all this lined up with before starting. Post up your whole plan, cycle & pct to get feed back.

Consider getting some blood work done mid cycle to see how things are going. I’d like to have the information for reference later on.