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First Cycle Review, Test/Dbol. Advice on AI/PCT?


Have been thinking about this for a while now, been doing some research and almost decided on my first cycle of test/dbol which im planning on running @ start of next year, I’m determined to do some time natty first, diet/discipline etc and just soak up as much knowledge as I can in the meantime.

Statwise i’m 31, have been doing bodybuilding for around 6 months now, some powerlifting for a year or so before that. Around 5’8 140 lbs (yes very skinny, genetics yay…)

Cycle is below, any improvements?

12 weeks consisting of:
12 weeks of test e @ 600mg per week
5 weeks of dbol @ 30mg per day
6 weeks of nolvadex @ 20mg per day

2 week cooldown

4 weeks of PCT (clomid @ 150/100/50/50, nolv @ 40/40/20/20, proviron @ 100/50/50/50)

I have seen some people recommending an AI i.e Arimidex @ 0.5mg a day, as being more beneficial in place of nolvadex during the dbol cycle part.

In terms of the PCT is that suitable or overkill? I see some people recommending HCG.

I have seen some people recommending cutting down bodyfat as much as possible before starting the cycle? I am carrying a bit of bodyfat currently, mainly just around the stomach.

Any input is much appreciated, i know most of you have probably read these topics a million times over by now.

You likely won’t need Nolva during your cycle. Don’t use it until you feel gyno forming.

Don’t use proviron during your PCT, it’s counterproductive to your restart goals.

5’8 140 lbs

Why not try to build some muscle and learn how to eat and train before hopping on? You said you’ve been training for over 18 months, what do your lifts look like now and how much weight have you gained? You probably have plenty of room to grow without resorting to drugs.

Anyway, no need to run nolva with dbol, but you need to have an A.I. on hand, especially running dbol.

If this is your first cycle ever I would do less test and no dbol. You will get jacked and look good off 300-375mg of test assuming you are not a fat. The strength gain from dbol is fun and all but is it worth the watery bloaty look that only looks good in a shirt, and potential sides like crazy acne or gyno. My first 2 cycles ever had dbol in them and i got back acne pretty bad and super high e2 levels. It is your choice. I wish you good luck and hope you reach your goals.


Test 500mg split doses. Do it for 12 weeks. Take three weeks off of drugs, then start pct. Nolva 40/40/20/20/20/20 (or some derivation thereof).

You have no idea how to control e2 or if you’ll need an AI. Don’t start out by adding dbol, which is a massive aromatizing drug. Don’t complicate things. Lift, eat, sleep. Those three will determine gains more than the drugs. Trust me. I was feeling pretty good pre-pandemic. Then life got brutal and diet suffered. I’ve lost probably six months (if not more) of progress just because of stress eating. Eat right and you’ll pack on size. Start doing it today, sans steroids, and see the difference. By the time you’re ready to cycle you should be at least 10 quality pounds heavier than you are now. If you can’t do that naturally through diet and training then the drugs won’t get you as far as you think.

To be fair, OP did say he is going to remain natural for at least another 6 months before starting this cycle.

Hey OP, you are very thin. In your case I’d start bulking right now on 3000+ kcal every day. You should see a very very big improvement in your lifts and your physique. Be consistent with the food and train enough but not too much and sleep 8+ hours. I think in your case it must be the food that you’re still 140 lbs.
Save the roids for a year or two when you dialed in your training and food because these two must be perfect to get the most out of the gear.

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Right, that’s why I stressed the importance of getting it all dialed in now. For the next six months he can do a lot of trial and error and hopefully be ready to roll when the time comes.

Thanks for the feedback guys.
It seems like i am probably jumping the gun a bit.

In terms of diet/training, have been doing a 5 day split since Jan and i have invested in a pretty clean diet imo, not much of a calorie counter probably around 2500-3000 atm, my weight (and stomach sigh) has gone up by 5kg since the start of the year.

I am usually a pretty cautious person but being skinny the lure of gear can be very tempting at times…

Lemmie help you out. For your first cycle run test only. Run it at 500 and have an ai on hand. This will tell you how your body reacts to aromatizing aas so you can learn how to manage it. After you run that cycle (12 weeks). Recover, then you can do your test dbol cycle because youll learn when you e levels are high on the test only cycle.

When i ran my first test cycle at 500 i had 0 estro sides, but everyones body is different and your experimenting to learn how you body will react.

When i ran my test /dbol cycle i ran it at 500 / 50 for. I used ai off and on for those itchy nips. Estro wasnt bad however. That cycle blew me up, i was huge, like crazy people staring huge compared to what i was 162 up to 190). I kept most of gains with that cycle (i didnt pct) and recovered fine. The dbol i ran for 6 wks, the test 12 wks.

Start your test at 500 and your dbol at 25 mg and work up to 50mg so you can manage estro sides because that shit will flair up quick on you. Be aware of back pumps with dbol as well. I ran dbol for 6 weeks on my cycle, not sure why you picked 5 weeks but most peeps do 4 weeks to kickstart as the test hits by then.

I also ran a test / dbol winstrol cycle and had good gains. I was at 500 /50/40. Good gain on that cycle test 12 wks dbol 6 weeks. I switched the dbol out for winstrol at 6 weeks. I friggin hate winstrol, makes me feel like total shit.

So theres my 2 cents. Youll see great strength gains with the dbol. The estro sides are very management also you are one of those freaks that grows tits st the site of e and lactates like a fountain.

Remember everyones body is different, what works for me probably wont work for you. Like i said, this is an experiement and you are the guinia pig.

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