First Cycle-Review & Input


Age: 21
Experience: 6 Years
Weight: 170
BF: 13%
Height: 5ft 8in

Planned Cycle:

500mg per week for 10 weeks (2 pins @250mg per week)

*Nolva will be introduced if estrogen issues occur (i.e. Gyno)


Begins 1 week after last pin

Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate)

40mg ED (Weeks 1-4)
30mg ED (Week 5)
25mg ED (Week 6)


+500 maintenance
Will be adjusted as needed


  1. Had full blood work done a week ago. Everything’s good.
    Blood pressure will be monitored throughout cycle. I will be doing blood work again after PCT.

I’m attempting to keep this as basic as possible. I considered incorporating Dianabol during the first 4 weeks but decided against it. I’d prefer introducing one variable at a time so I can recognize the effects of each compound.

I appreciate your input.

500mg of what? Cyp, E, Sust, Prop? all looks good. Is your source reliable? Not just by forum verification but by personal verification?

Btw, you need an AI on hand. You should know this. Adex and Aromasin are not hard to come by. Run .5mg E3D starting week 2 for long esters.

Your PCT is over complicated. With nolva its txt book for such a simple cycle to go 40/40/20/20. Nolva has a benefit when used for a longer PCT anyways.

Understand that you can change your diet on cycle all you want, if you don’t continue those numbers post cycle, it all goes away. I eat the same on and off cycle and gains are more likely to stick, except for the occasional bulk where I eat surplus for 4-6 weeks. Then cut 60% and try to maintain with those numbers.

Curious what’s your diet look like?

Get an AI for fucks sake

Pct starts 2 weeks after last pin

x1000000 on getting the AI. Do not run the nolva on cycle.