First Cycle Review - Few Questions

So I have a few questions regarding this cycle and any critiques are welcome.

Background info -
164-167lbs (weight fluctuates)
12% BF
6 year lifting background

Now the actual cycle -
.25 ADEX EOD - 10 weeks
Test P 500mg (125g EOD) - 10 weeks

Dbol w1-4 10mg /3x day (20mg before workout if possible)

Pct - wait 1 or 2 weeks post last injection?
W 11-12 20mg 2x day
W 13-14 20mg 1x day

Okay so ideally I wanted a 12 week cycle of test but supplier dealt in a 10 or 14 week block. Concerning my ADEX is .25 EOD sufficient since this is a pretty mild cycle? I see a lot of PCT run clomid + nolva, is this necessary or will running the nolva alone at the dosage I listed be fine?

Final question is in regards to DBOL, I’m using this cycle to lead into a powerlifting meet and I’ve read reviews supporting both sides of this argument. Should I front load the 4 weeks as planned, benefit with the kickstart and ride the test out as planned or take the DBOl the final 4 weeks into the meet to get more of the strength gains out of it for that time period? I just know the bloat, weight gain, lower back pump, and possible hiderance on the PCT at the end seem to be common issues for some (considering I’ll be competing).