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First Cycle Review and Second Cycle Questions

My first cycle I ran the recommended basics.

500mg/wk test E
Arimdex e3d moved to eod and felt a lot better. Caber was added twice a week b/c for some reason I was having bad prolactin responses.

I gained 28 pounds in about 8 weeks and just about to start my pct so well see how much i hold. Clomid will be 100/100/50/50

my diet was pretty spot on but I did want to take a little advantage of the gains I was making and was a little more free to eat what I wanted since my appetite was incredible.

experienced zero sides and had a full blood panel done about 5 weeks in and everything was perfect my blood pressure last week was 110/60 so cannot complain.

second cycle questions

I had such a great response to the test and absolutely no complaints. Should I try my next cycle test only again or should I add in something like deca? I want to stay away from tren for a little because I know Im not really ready to handle what it does with anxiety considering I’m very prone. Just wanted some thoughts on a second compound I could add in as I would probably begin in about 12 weeks so I will end up ordering soon :slight_smile: feel free to ask any questions and I would love some feedback. Im very tired so Im sure I left some things out

Stay conservative. Theres a lot of options. You could simply increase your test dose to say 700 or something. You could throw in an oral. Those are the routes i would take for round 2.