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First Cycle - Review and PCT Assistance

I have decided to do my first cycle of steroids - here is what I have right now.
-Two years PROPER lifting experience

  • 12% Body Fat - will drop another 2% before jumping on
  • 84kg
  • 2RPM 180kg Deadlift - 150kg Squat - 140kg Bench

I have done pre blood work - test - estrogen levels all in normal ranges. Liver , kidneys , blood pressure , LDL HDL levels normal as well

Diet is on point at the moment.

My cycle is as follows
500mg a week of testosterone e over two 250mg pins every 3.5 days. Cycle length will be 12 weeks long.

I have arimidex on hand for estrogen control - current plan is to take 0.25mg after each pin for the first 4 weeks up until i get mid cycle blood work.Will reassess dosage based off results.Will discontinue if I dont aromatise - will up dose if I have high estrogen conversion

PCT - Wait two weeks for the ester to clear my system then - I currently have nolva and clomid. Plan is to simply do the standard dosage of nolva at 40 /40 /20 /20. I have a box of clomid as I plan to do blood work before and after my PCT. I have decided to not worry about a HCG.


  • When should you do mid cycle blood work for the purpose of estrogen control? I am concerned about tanking my E2 levels at .25 after each pin? I am reluctant to wait six weeks taking a random dosage of a dex.
  • If blood work prior to PCT shows i am completely shutdown should i run nolva and clomid to ensure I kick start natural test production ASAP? Or will nolva at standard dosage suffice?
  • Will do post PCT blood work to assess damage
  • What other supplementation on cycle do you recommend? I am thinking fish oil and something for cortisol.
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Wouldnt hurt to throw some tren in

This isn’t much. With this knowledge and your stats you likely have some room to go naturally but to each their own. Did you test FT, TT, E2, FSH, LH, SHBG? I only see T and E2 listed along with a CBC and CMP proclaimed as normal.

Ester won’t clear in two weeks. I don’t PCT anymore due to TRT but if I did I would wait at least three.

No sooner than four weeks IMO. You prob won’t hurt yourself running .25mg AI with each pin of 250mg Test. Could you tank your E2? Depends on how sensitive you are to it, but I doubt it at this dose. It also may not be necessary at all.

Blood work WILL show you completely shut down. This is what happens when you run a cycle. Nolva will suffice and you run it during your PCT after the Test has had a majority clearance from your system.

Yes as you should

Personal choice but nothing as a necessity. I like fish oil and protein shakes as my staples.

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150kg squat. 140kg bench.

Something aint right here.

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I know - ive been benching since highschool, only squatting since i started to actually do weights properly

How tall are you? How old are you? What are your goals with this cycle?

Wait on the Adex until blood work shows that you need it; you probably won’t.

Nolvadex will be fine as steroids will shut you down. I always waited two weeks after the last pin, but three could be better.

Other supplementation: multivitamin, protein, fish oil are all good ones.

When does blood work say to take an AI? Is there a number you shoot for? How much AI does it take to get you to that number if you are elevated? Do you wait for symptoms to appear or just mid-cycle labs?

You’re trolling now… I think… tren is the worst thing one can add to a first cycle

You’re giving out harmful advice… stop

If you want to use tren… fine, but MANY won’t react well to it first time round. And many who are fine from a physical standpoint aren’t fine psychologically (neurological side effects)… tren isn’t steroids… it’s steroids ON steroids

And just because one is fine on tren now doesn’t equate to being fine a few years down the line. There are MANY case reports of heart attacks, strokes, enlarged hearts regarding men in their 20s, 30s etc stemming primarily from abuse of trenbolone

Someone has fantastic genetics regarding bench pressing strength… seriously, a 315 bench for two reps is damn good

You will aromatise, but the pivotal aspect here is the ratio at which you aromatise… now, if it’s actually an issue (barring aestheticism such as moon face, puffiness) and you actually get high blood pressure, puffy nips etc… then an AI could be implemented at the lowest effective dose. However given that estrogen (in itself and when in ratio with androgen) is pivotal for homeostasis or glucose and lipid metabolism, neurological regulation, NO production (vasodialative effect etc) fucking with E2 right off the bat isn’t a great idea

I can link literature in which numerous subjects are given 600mg / wk… it’s well tolerated… no one uses an AI.

Androgens lower/inhibit cortisol release. However testosterone is also a moderately potent 11-HSD inhibitor… thus interfering with the conversion or cortisol to cortisone so it’s a double edged sword here. Overall, cortisol levels should decrease on 500mg test weekly

Ok I may hold off on the AI until bloods come in and/or the symtoms you referred to then. I obviously still have alot of research to do, I’ll postpone this for a while longer.

And yes for whatever reason I do have good genetics on bench however my chest is ocer developed