First Cycle, Review and Comment

21, training 7 years, only 3 of which were intensive, started when I was 13-14 but nothing serious just local ymca and sport etc. Was a university wrestler, graduated last year. Squat 365, DL 440, Bench 305. Havent run anything before. Currently lean at 190 and want to get to 200 or above, nice and diced for a photo shoot.

Proposed Cycle:
400mg deca a week
400mg test enanthate a week and also taper for 4 weeks after taking deca out @ 100mg a week
Nolva two-three weeks into the cycle every other day until the end of the deca and also the end of the test
Run T3 4 weeks on 4 weeks on, or just pre-contest/photo shoot

I chose to add the test cause I think test should be run with most other stuff and I want to get good results from the deca so it makes sense to add it. Nolva is to balance out hormone levels and take care of any side effects, also have the ability to get proviron or masteron. The T3 is just tog et nice and shredded, for stage and in front of the camera. Any other recommendations other than 4 weeks on 4 weeks off?

Yeah my advice is to do more research because clearly you have not.

  1. Its your first cycle drop the Deca test only at 500mg would be plenty for your first time.

  2. Why are you taking Nolva only until the day you stop taking Deca and Test… you relize deca can and will be in your system shutting you down close to if not more than a month.

  3. Your cutting and want to run Deca??? Why there are not many other steroids as notorious for water retention as Deca. There are atleast 2-3 other much better beginner Cycles I could think of that are going to get you better towards your goal.

  4. Stay away from T3 right now. Your trying to gain 10lbs of lean mass you can easily do this through your diet and cardio while on cycle espeacially considering its your first.