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First Cycle Results

I am at the tail end of my first cycle, in the middle of my 6th week. Here is my cycle.

Weeks 1-8 500/mg Sus 250 a week
Weeks 1-4 30/mg D-Bol a day
Weeks 1-9 20/mg Nolvadex a day
and Clomid at the end

In four weeks I put on 15 lbs, but have since plateaued. No side effects except for sore kidneys after 4 weeks of D-bol, which have since gone away. I have a small frame (5’10 158 lbs when I started). I also thought I would put on at least some more gains over the past two weeks, but cant say that I have. Are these results pretty typical? What would you reccomend to improve it hypothetically? Should I take different stuff the next around just to mix it up? I was thinking next time around maybe up to 750/mg Sus 250/week, and throw in some Deca in there as well. Thanks.


as dumb as this sounds…maybe you just don’t respond to sustanon very well. obviously the d-bol worked, though…